If you’re a parent, you want the best for your little bundle of joy, and that includes finding the best kids’ chairs around, for your little one’s room. No matter the theme, no matter the décor, no matter if you’ve got a boy, a girl, a toddler or a teen, we’ve got ten awesome, fun, creative and colorful children’s seating options available for you online. They’re fit for princes and princesses alike, and they’re sure to solve the problems of comfort, personality, and even clutter in your child’s rooms.

1. The Symbol Baby Chair

It’s soft, multi-colored, asymmetrical and all around awesome. It’s designed by an Italian company called Adrenalina, and is part of a more extensive collection of children’s seating, suitable for all ages. The brightly colored armchair is available in a wide array of colors.

2. The Alma Collection

Designed by Javier Mariscal in durable plastic, these chairs feature a delicate floral pattern on the backrest, which makes it ideal for play-pretend play dates. The chairs were designed for Magis. They are fully stackable, and their color palette makes one think of tales of magic dragons, castles and princesses who require rescuing.

3. The Kapsule Storage Chair

Selling at a bit over $49, the Kapsule Storage Chair by Offi is a modernist take on a simple, day-to-day item. It’s also available in funky orange and hot pink. It’s sturdy, it’s child friendly and the greatest part about it is that it’s multi-functional. It’s compact enough to fit small spaces and features designer Karim Rashid’s trademark soft contours. It was named one of the best product designs of the year in 2002, in the Industrial Design Excellence Awards.

4. The Baby Bobo by Dauphin

Priced at $469, the Baby Bobo is soft, yet sculptural, and, since it’s a kids’ chair, it’s also incredibly sweet, with its two webbed feet which remind one of cute little ducklings. The whimsical product is equally suitable for homes and pediatric centers, schools or libraries. The upholstery is available in both fabric and leather, and it comes in six different colors.

5. The Joker Chair

Perfect for little tricksters, the Joker Chair is available for more generous budgets, as it dons a whopping $1.200 price tag. It’s recommended for ages 11 to 17, and has an inescapable fairytale vibe about it. The seller has made it available in green/burgundy, gold/purple and red/black.

6. The Phoenix Chair

Now, the Phoenix Chair is the stuff of legends. Selling at over $2,000, this piece of setting is available in no less than twenty different colors, in suede and in fabric. It features polished cast aluminum legs and reminds one of the most awesome stories and characters in one’s childhood – the Pegasus, Merlin, the Round Table Knights, they can all be imagined sitting on such a chair.

7. The Gwendolyn Chair

The Gwendolyn Chair, priced at $1,200 features such soft contours and such a dashing color range, that it’s safe to assume it was designed for posh girls’ rooms. The name suggests fragile princesses, while the shapes seem to announce that very special time when little girls start wanting to grow up and become young adults.

8. The Klick Chair and Desk

Homework is never fun, but the Klick Desk and Chair set by Pkolino might make it so. The set’s size makes it ideal for kids aged 3-6, who will get a head start at school life, by getting accustomed to the notion that ‘work’ can mean ‘play’, too. It’s ideal for crafts projects, drawing time, or any other creative endeavor your little artist might come up. It’s priced upward of $316, and available in green, orange and red. And, yes, the chair fits perfectly under the desk!

9. Lypsinca Loveseat

Okay, so, like, your teenage daughter wants a cool, cute, awesome chair, that her girlfriends will see and instantly envy her for it. In that case, it’s time to get her a Lypsinca Loveseat, ideal for the intense whispering of secrets and gossip that you know goes on in your daughter’s room anyway. It’s priced at a little over $1,000 and comes in three shades of burgundy.

10. Rocking Chair Set

If you’re into fairly-priced Swedish self-assembly furniture (hint, hint), you will instantly recognize the shape of this rocking chair, as well as that of the table beside it. Now, if you want to have your big adult chair all to yourself, get a set that’s sized especially for your little tikes. Ideal for ages 6 to 12, priced at a little over $120, the set is ideal for play, reading or just plain old relaxing.