Budget traveling is very trendy these days. Even millionaires or kids of millionaires find that there is something quaint or real about checking into a seedy hostel or inn when seeing the world. If you are looking to experience the local color when you travel, going for something affordable but comfortable is always a good idea. But what if you want to truly escape and live like royalty even for just a night? This is where the most expensive hotel rooms can come in handy. You should keep the following in mind when you win the lottery:

1. Royal Penthouse Suite (President Wilson Hotel, Geneva)

The going rate per night in this swanky room is $53,000. If you have this much money to burn per night and want to stay in the safest hotel room on Earth, this it the suite for you. You will enjoy the entire top floor of the President Wilson Hotel with your very own private elevators. You have 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. You can go out to the windows and enjoy the view without worries because the entire suite is bullet proof. Heads of states and other rich people have been known to enjoy the security and luxury that this suite offers. Book now!

2.Hugh Hefner Sky Villa (Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas)

The name “Hugh Hefner” is enough to make you picture a room of decadence. And THAT is exactly what you will enjoy. The nightly rate is $40,000. If you can’t get an invitation to the real Playboy Mansion, booking this villa is the next best thing. This was modeled after the mansion and there are elements from the “beloved” magazine that you will enjoy here and there. You get three bedrooms, a huge living room, media room, gym, sauna and spa rooms, and the view of the Las Vegas strip. Playboy bunnies are not included in the room but there is a nifty rotating bed.

3. Ty Warner Penthouse (Four Seasons Hotel, New York)

Located on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons, this is a luxury room that will cost you $34,000 a night. Features that you can’t afford to say no to: gorgeous 360 degree view of New York, private elevator, library with own grand piano, Zen room, and infinity tub that will give you a view of Central Park. You will enjoy nine rooms in this penthouse and each one’s design was meticulously overseen by I.M Pei (yes, the famous architect), Peter Marino (yes, that other famous architect and designer), and the owner of the hotel himself, Ty Warner.

4. Villa La Capula Suite (Westin Excelsior, Rome)

Every room of this suite screams luxury and wealth beyond the average person’s means. From the details of the walls to the ceiling paintings to the breathtaking view from the terraces to the Pompeii-style Jacuzzi pool, this is a suite that will make you think that spending $29,000 a night is definitely worth it. This suite has two floors and only two bedrooms. But the number of rooms should not bother you because everything else this suite offers is just pure beauty.

5. Presidential Suite (Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo)

Are you willing to spend $25,000 a room for one night? No problem? Then the Presidential Suite of the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo should be at the top of your list. From this room, you get incredible views of the famous spots Roppongi Hills and the Imperial Palace. You will not most likely get an invitation to enjoy the most luxurious areas of the palace so why not admire it from an equally-luxurious hotel room, right? If you prefer luxury with the right touch of contemporary, this room is for you.

6. Atlantis Bridge Suite (The Atlantis, Bahamas)

How much for the room for one night? A whopping $22,000! Yes, that is half the yearly salary of a decent-earning American. But if you have billions stashed somewhere, getting this suite for a week should not be a problem. But what exactly do you enjoy for this astronomical rate? You have probably seen photos of The Atlantis. You will notice that there is a bridge connecting the two towers of the resort. The Atlantis Bridge Suite is located just above that bridge, making it the perfect room with the most beautiful views. Of course, the decadent red, black, and gold interior of the suite will make you feel like the richest man alive, too.

7. Imperial Suite (Park Hyatt, Vendôme, Paris)

Measuring 200 square meters, this luxurious 20,000-dollar a night suite gives you a great view of the Vendôme column. Yes, that popular structure that signifies the start of Rue de la Paix. You also get a good view of this popular shopping street in Paris. So basically, you will be staying in a room that is fit for a king and then be in a walking distance to boutiques and shops where you can burn more of your money (hard-earned or otherwise). This suite features a dining room, a spa, a steam room, and a massage area. You also get a study if you’re the type who travels and work at the same time.

8. Royal Suite (Burj Al Arab, Dubai)

The Burj Al Arab is that very popular Dubai hotel that you have probably seen in all UAE travel ads. The hotel claims to be a 7-star establishment but it’s a 5-star deluxe hotel. This particular suite is truly something to behold. If you book this room, you will spend a good number of hours admiring the Arabian sea from your windows. Before you do that, you can choose to be fetched from the airport in a Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph or a helicopter. The damage per night: $19,000.

9. Ritz-Carlton Suite (Ritz-Carlton Moscow)

Offering breathtaking views of the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Christ the Savior Cathedral, this suite is one for the traveler hungry for culture and luxury. This has a nightly rate of $18,000. With that amount of money spent every night, you will enjoy interiors in Classic Russian Imperial design, a huge living room, a dining room, a library, and a boardroom. The floor is heated, too. Other features that you will no doubt be telling the folks back home for months: 5 meals a day, high-end shopping, and the KGB-approved techie doo-dads.

10.  The Penthouse Suite (The Martinez Hotel, Cannes)

This is the priciest hotel room in the French Riviera. The place itself is already a favorite destination for the rich and famous and therefore, naturally expensive. If you happen to be one of these rich and famous, staying in this suite will set you back $18,000 a night. You get your own wrap-around terrace (with gorgeous views of the Lerins Islands and the Bay of Cannes, of course), kitchen, open bar, and a private butler. A note on the 2,000 square feet terrace: it can hold up to 100 people. We suggest booking the hotel and having an “outdoor” party right away.

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