The most overrated celebrities in the world are those who do not deserve all the attention which is actually given to them and it is media coverage that makes them win good money by doing mostly nothing. Most of these people either have no talent, or their talent is part of a glorious past, which should have remained in the past.  Here are 10 of the overrated celebrities, who always make on the cover of magazines, when they should be barely heard of:

1. Lindsay Lohan

q. lindsay

Lindsay Lohan is one of those celebrities who are kown for nothing except problems with the law. She made some movies and has a career (?) in pop music, but they are so vague that I don’t think they are even worth mentioning. So, how come she appears so often on the celebrity news? It’s a mystery to me…

2. Paris Hilton

2. paris

This is one heiress who does not know what to do with her life. She is continuously looking for a purpose, and thus tried singing, writing and modeling, but she was not successful. Even so, Paris Hilton is renowned all over the world. “What for?”, you might ask. Her dad’s money might be the answer.

3. Taylor Lautner

3, taylor

One of the three main characters of the Twilight saga, Taylor Lautner became famous for having a nice body, rather than for his acting, which was actually average,  in the best case. He is handsome, indeed, but that’s all. We should learn how to pick our idols way better!

4. Casey Anthony

4. casey

This is a celebrity we really did not ask for. She was created by the media, who transformed her into America’s favorite hated person, to put it this way. Her trial and her actions were looked upon with great attention and interest, while real celebrities got only the leftovers in terms of interest. We transformed Casey Anthony into a celebrity-like it or not. Tomorrow, she will appear in playboy and have a movie made on her life.

5. Britney Spears


She is one of the most overrated celebrities in America. She had her moment of glory- no one can take that away from her. But it has been years now since all I hear from her side is related to her personal life.  Britney Spears should have been long gone from the public life, but tabloids are not giving her a rest!

6.  Miley Cyrus

6. mi;ey cyrus

We know her as the star of Hannah Montana (though many people do not even know who she is), which turned into a box office hit soon enough. She has a nice voice, I must admit, but that’s it,  because, you know,  having a nice voice and becoming a movie celebrity/ teen role-model is not the same thing!

7.  Tom Cruise

7. tom cruise

We know him so well that we rate our movies higher if he is playing. That is because we know that Tom Cruise is always casted in good movies. Ok, great for him! But that does not mean that his acting is unbelievable- it is not. Tom Cruise had some share of glory long time ago and since then, we continued to nourish his fame and glory for no reason at all!

8. Madonna


Madonna had her time. Now, that time is long gone. She still has her voice, but her body needs some rest. Still, Madonna continues to disturb us with her presence in all the important magazines. She really doesn’t get it!

9.  Justin Bieber


I hate to put the poor boy in the same category with Casey Anthony, but people really hate him. He is just a teen idol, guys, what do you expect him to do, sing like, I don’t know, Eminem or something?!  Yes, his music will sound silly to adults and his feminine face is repulsive to the machos out there but the thing is, he can sing and he’s got the looks that make a young girl say “wow” for the first tim. So, overrated or not, teenagers do love him.  And since he is sooo popular with the generation that comes behind, he is even more disliked by adults who consider him-me included-overrated.

10. Kim Kardashian

Sory to her fans but I think that this lady does not look as hot as everyone considers. To me, she is just an average lady and is really a mystery how she became such a star. After all, she’s got no talent whatsoever! What is she really known for? Her friendship with Paris Hilton?! Paris is on this list too!

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