Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a place shrouded in great mystery. This controversial landmark lies between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Scientists and ordinary people alike have been trying to explain through different angles many strange events that happened here. This is the place of a large series of tragedies and unexplained disappearances like shipwrecks and missing crews. Here are 10 of the most interesting Bermuda Triangle theories regarding this famous place.

1. Human Error


This is the most simple and coherent theories of them all. Bermuda Triangle is a place where you can get lost really easily. All the small islands in the area look almost the same.

Moreover, these waters are less frequented by ships that can guide one another. On top of that, the tropical weather that governs this part of the world is capricious in nature. Mix these factors together, and the result is an extremely confused pilot or sailor.

2. The Comet

2. comet

Some scientists made the assumption that a comet might have hit the ocean floor some 11,000 years ago. The impact with the surface of the Earth is presumably identical with the place where the Bermuda triangle is today.

This celestial body might have cast strange electromagnetic powers. These signals alone can disturb the navigation system without which planes and boats can crash. However, there was no proof found to support this theory. Like all the others, the presence of such a comet is nothing but the outcome of a bunch of assumptions.

3. Piracy

3. pirates

It is a known fact that piracy was a constant rogue activity in the area for hundreds of years. However, this practice that defies human laws continues to this day. This is why it is not far-fetched to suppose that the so-called disappearances were actually the “masterpiece” of some daring pirates.

These outcasts might simply take advantage of a vast collection of legends that surround this controversial place. It is easy to hide your identity when people prefer to dream of monsters and conspiracies. However, nobody found any trace of wicked ships which makes this theory as true as the rest of them.

4. Supernatural Weather


One of the most reasonable Bermuda triangle theories refers to severe storms. These natural phenomena may start suddenly in the Gulf Stream. This gulf happens to cross the middle of the Triangle and the deep ocean below.

Moreover, scientists noticed that the Atlantic Ocean touches its deepest point near Puerto Rico. Taking all these factors into consideration, the legend of the Bermuda Triangle might derive from just some awful weather conditions.

5. The “True North” Problem


Another problem in that area (as if there wouldn’t be enough of these already) is the magnetic field. According to the legend, Bermuda Triangle is one of the only two places on Earth where the compass does not show the magnetic North, but the true North.

Some enthusiasts would jump to the conclusion that this oddity alone led to the inexplicable disappearance of many planes and ships. However, according to specialists, any compass variation should not pose any type of problem for modern navigators. In today’s world, pilots and captains have more equipment and technology to guide them through the world than just a simple compass.

6. The Time Vortex


Maybe the wackiest of them all, the “Time Vortex” theory refers to the “thick electronic fog” that pilot Bruce Gernon courageously entered into when he encountered a strange cloud formation when en route to Bimini Island. This phenomenon had the shape of a tunnel. Fortunately for him, he got out uninjured.

However, the pilot found it strange that he ended up in a completely different place than he had planned beforehand. Therefore, the pilot concluded that he had entered a tunnel in the space-time continuum, also known as a wormhole.

7. Methane Hydrates


One of the Bermuda Triangle theories states that beneath the ocean floor, there are pockets of methane hydrate. These might be released and bubble to the surface. Therefore, the flammable gas might cause a ship or a plane to burn.

The only problem regarding this theory is that methane hydrates are to be found in one place only on Earth. This location is nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle area, but in the Arctic region instead.

8.  Experiments Conducted by the Government


It was impossible for such a controversial place not to become the subject of conspiracy theories that surround the government. Thus, some claim that this area might be a “playground” for the Navy. Authorities might have turned this place into a zone where they test weapons, sonars or even alien technology.

9. Atlantis

6. atlantis1

Some say that the legendary city of Atlantis was once beneath the Bermuda Triangle. Thus, the energy crystals that were used to fuel this metropolis might still be there. These ancient mythical rocks could be causing the navigation systems to go crazy. The evidence that supports those claims is the testimony of a scuba diver. This person stated that he saw one of these strange crystals.

Another proof is the “Bimini Road.”  This is an unusual structure composed of seemingly sculpted rocks beneath the ocean. This underwater path is believed to be either an underwater port or a natural rock structure, according to each person’s own beliefs. However, Atlantis remained a part of local myths and so did this particular theory.

10. Aliens


This is the most popular of the Bermuda Triangle theories. This scenario gathered many adepts. They developed various hypotheses to explain the mysterious happenings that made this place famous.

One of them refers to an extraterrestrial ship that might have crashed into the ocean. This UFO could still emit some sort of waves which interfere with human equipment. Another theory, much more complex than the previous, sees the Bermuda Triangle as a sort of portal that serves aliens.

These extraterrestrial beings are using this gateway to come and go as they please. Therefore, our own ships and planes might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time- when the portal was open. According to this scenario, the lost crews might wander other galaxies as we speak.


These Bermuda Triangle theories are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other scenarios that amateurs and scientists employed to explain such a strange location. If you know other peculiar such stories, you are welcome to share them with us in the comment section bellow.


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