10 Most Popular Bermuda Triangle Theories

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The Bermuda Triangle is a place surrounded by great mystery and Bermuda Triangle theories  are being developed every day  by scientists and ordinary people alike.  They refer to the series of tragedies and unexplained disappearances which took place in this small area, which lies between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Here are 10 of the most interesting theories regarding this famous place:

1. Human error


Bermuda Triangle is a place where you can get lost really easy. All the little islands in the area look the same, the traffic is missing and the tropical weather is very changing. Mix these factors together and what you may get is a very confused pilot or sailor. Or many of them, actually.

2. The Comet

2. comet

Scientists have made the assumption that a comet might have hit the ocean floor some 11, 000 years ago, in the exactly the same place where the Bermuda triangle is today. This comet might have strange electromagnetic powers that might disturb the navigation system of planes and boats and thus, make them crash. However, no proof has been found to support this theory. As all the others, it is nothing but a bunch of assumptions that one may or may not assume to be true.

3. Piracy

3. pirates

It is a known fact that piracy has been a constant in the area since hundreds of years and yes, continues to this day. It is not impossible though, that the so called disappearances were actually the “masterpiece” of some daring pirates who are taking advantage of the notoriety of the place.  How silly we will feel if it happens to be true!

4. The Weather


One of the most reasonable Bermuda triangle theories refer to the severe storms that may start suddenly, to the Gulf Stream that happens to cross them middle of the Triangle and the deep ocean below: actually, the Atlantic Ocean touches its deepest point near Puerto Rico. Do all these factors which, combined make the Bermuda Triangle an area dangerous enough to explain the many “disappearances” ? You decide!

5. The “ True North” problem


Another problem in that area (as we wouldn’t have found enough of these already) is the magnetic field. According to the legend, Bermuda Triangle is one of the only 2 places on earth where the compass does not show the magnetic North, but the true North. Does this answer the question “what happened to all those planes and ships which have disappeared without a trace”? Not really, because, according to the specialists, any compass variation should not be a problem for modern navigators, who have more than their compass to guide them!

6. Atlantis

6. atlantis1

Some say that the legendary city of Atlantis was once beneath the Bermuda Triangle.  Thus, the energy crystals (?) that were used to fuel Atlantis might be still there and could be causing the navigation systems to go crazy. The evidence to those claims is the testimony of a scuba diver who claims to have seen one of these strange crystals. Another proof is the  “Bimini road”, an unusual  structure composed of seemingly sculpted rocks, beneath the ocean. This underwater path is believed to be an underwater port, or a naturally form rock structure, according to each person’s own beliefs.

7. The Time vortex


Maybe the wackiest of them all, the “Time Vortex” theory refers to the “thick electronic fog” that pilot Bruce Gernon courageously entered into, when he encountered a strange cloud formation, of the form of a tunnel, when en route to Bimini Island. Fortunately for him, he got out uninjured, but far away from the place he should have been. Thus, the pilot concluded that he had entered a time vortex.

8. Methane hydrates


One of the Bermuda Triangle theories states that beneath the ocean floor, there are pocket of methane hydrates which might be released and bubble to the surface where the flammable gas  might cause a ship or a plane to burn.  The only problem regarding this theory is that methane hydrates are to be found in one place only on Earth and that’s nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle area, but rather in the Arctic region.

9.  Experiments conducted by the Government


The conspiracy theories related to the government could not be left aside when having to deal with such a mysterious phenomenon. Thus, some claim that this area might be a “playground” of the Navy, where they might test weapons, sonar, or even alien technology.

10. Aliens, of course


This is the most popular of the Bermuda Triangle theories. It has many adepts who developed various hypotheses to explain the mysterious happenings that made this place famous. First of them is referring to a ship that might have crashed into the ocean and could still emit some sort of waves which interfere with human equipments. Another one, much more complex, sees the Bermuda Triangle as a sort of portal for the aliens to be able to come and go as they please.  Our own ships and planes might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time- when the portal was open- and who knows where they might be wondering now…


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