There are numerous cat breeds in the world (41 according to CFA and 73 according to IPCBA) and they all make great companions, because of which cats are ones of the most beloved animals. Listed below are the most popular cat breeds in the world, according to Animal Planet. Thus, if you consider taking a cat as your family pet, you should take a look at the the following cats, and chose the perfect breed for you!

1. The Oriental

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The Orientals are known as “The Rainbow cats”, due to their wide variety of colors. They are also known as “the border collie of the cat world” because of their intelligence as well as their friendly behavior.  They were created in the ‘50s by breeding Siamese cats with various breeds, in order to obtain as many colors and patterns as possible. They are the perfect cat pets, because they are a healthy breed, they require little brushing and are very sociable.

2. The American shorthair

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The American shorthair is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world due to their ability as mousers: Shorthairs are a very old breed, being popular in the Roman empire. They were brought by Romans to the British island, from where they reached America, thus beginning to be known as “American shorthairs”. They are treasured not only for their mouse catching abilities, but because they need minimum attention to be happy and because they are one of the healthiest breeds in the world.

3. The Birman

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This Briman is loved by their owners for the exact opposite reasons than the others: very lovable, amazingly beautiful and well mannered, they require attention and their beautiful coat needs grooming. The birman cats have a long, long history, as they were centuries ago known as “the sacred cats of Burma” and they were used as pets by the Birman priests. They only reached Europe  at the beginning of the 20th century, when they were allegedly stolen from a temple.

4. The Sphynx

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The Sphynx is known all over the world for its complete lack of hair. They are a very rare and recent breed and interestingly enough, they were not created by humans: in 1966, a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten in Canada. It was soon discovered that the phenomenon was due to a natural mutation. As a compensation to its lack of coat, the Sphynx’s body temperature is 4 degrees higher than that of the other cat breeds. Another amazing work of Mother Nature…If you want to get one, make sure you wash it regularly and give it plenty to eat: the sphynx is hungry all the time!

5. The Ragdoll

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Ragdoll is another very special cat breed: The ragdoll is simply huge! These cats reach 30 pounds and may be 3 times bigger than regular ones! What makes them so popular, though? Ragdolls are so attached to humans that many follow their owners from one room to the other same as dogs. They are very fluffy and have big, blue eyes that make them simply adorable!

6. The Siamese

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The oldest domestic cat in the world, the Siamese are known for being very “talkative”. They originated in Asia, in ancient Siam, where they were seen as sacred. They were owned by Buddhist monks and by the royal family only.  The Siamese cats have very beautiful blue eyes, are extremely intelligent and are a healthy breed.

7. Abyssinian

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One of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world, the Abyssinian is also one of the 5 most popular cat breeds in America.  Though their origins are unclear, it is believed that this breed is one of the oldest on Earth.  A very beautiful cat, the Abyssinian is naughty and does not like to be held, so it is not for everybody!

8. The exotic

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The Exotics are the third most popular cats in America. They are renowned for being lazy and quiet, so they are really easy to take care of; especially if you are busy, this is the cat for you! Be careful though, their short face may give room to health problems, and they need regular grooming.

9. The Maine Coon

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The Maine Coons are the only cats that originated in America. Very lovable and energetic these cats are sure to keep playing all day long! They are talented mousers and very beautiful cats, though they require some attention: the Maine Coons are long haired cats so they need grooming more often than other breeds.

10. The Persian

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The Persians were taken out of Persia (without permission) by early explorers.  They became the favorite breed of cat at all the European royal courts, and, since exported to America, they also became the most popular cat breed in the world. They have the longest coat of all the cat breeds, so they need special grooming (every day, if possible). Yet, they are very appropriate for families with children, because of their lovable, calm nature. Be careful to keep a Persian in your home at all times: they are indoor cats and cannot survive outside!

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