10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

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A little over a decade ago no one had heard of movie rebooting. We were still adjusting to sequels and remakes, and the jury was still out on whether we liked them or not. This is when Christopher Nolan decided the movie industry lacks something… So he coined the term “movie rebooting” and kicked off a long series of reboots with “Batman Begins”. And it was a home run. Before we knew it, reboots kept popping from everywhere, with everyone feeling up to rewriting history. Including the “Fantastic Four” which now rates 4.0 on iMDB. Leaving that aside, let’s take a look at 10 movie reboots worth seeing.

10. Man of Steel, 2013

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

Zach Snyder received very mixed reviews for “Man of Steel’. Some critics dismissed it as another action movie with fighting scenes that just drag on without bringing anything new into the equation. Other praised Snyder for his attention to details and his courage to make a Superman reboot. I can’t deny it’s an epic boom! and bang! movie. Of course it lacks depth and character development, we’re not talking about “A song of ice and Fire” here. But for a superhero cinema movie, it’s worth it.

9. Superman Returns, 2006

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

Another Clark Kent reboot, “Superman Returns” returned to the screens under the signature of Bryan Singer who was praised for his approach and cinematographic choices. Singer’s movie has been called an update for the modern viewer, so it’s safe to say it’s worth watching. Brandon Routh (Superman/ Clark Kent) and Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane) are still far away from delivering the performance of their lives, settling for average acting in this one.

8. The Sum of All Fears, 2002

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

Morgan Freeman is in it, so it must be good, right? Almost right. The political thriller is a reboot after “The Hunt for Red October”, so it didn’t need much to surpass its predecessor anyway. Critical reviews were split between calling it either sub-average or watchable, but viewers were mostly entertained by the movie which presents a conflict between the United States and Russia.

7. The Incredible Hulk, 2008

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

Standing on the borderline between sequel and reboot, “The Incredible Hulk” really won the audiences back in 2008 with Edward Norton playing the lead. And Lee’s 2003 Hulk doesn’t hold a candle to Louis Leterrier’s green monster. With a catchy plot line and a likable cast, Marvel did a pretty good job at rejuvenating the franchise.

6. Dredd, 2012

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

With its only fault being that it’s underrated, “Dredd” was directed by Pete Travis and the result was a highly entertaining sci fi action flick. After Danny Cannon’s disaster from 1995 called “Judge Dredd” and starring Silvester Stallone, the notorious police officer deserved another chance. The latest version is dark and violent, set in a dystopian future where corruption flourishes to the detriment of the innocent. Definitely a must watch.

5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 2011

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

Highly acclaimed as one of the best movies of 2011, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was well received both by critics and the audiences. It was nominated for Oscar and got twenty four other awards. Critics had almost only words of praise for Rupert Wyatt’s attempt at resurrecting a long standing franchise. Some called it audacious and violent, and we can’t argue with that. Whenever you’re in the mood for some food for thought, check out “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

4. X-Men: First Class, 2011

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

This blockbuster directed by Matthew Vaughn delivered very strong performances from James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence, so it was welcomed by critics and did well in the box office. Vaughn surely put his fingerprint of this take of X-Men that tells the story of Professor X and Magneto when they were still young and experimenting with their powers as they fought together to stop the beginning of World War III.

3. Star Trek, 2009

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

J.J. Abrams decided to give Star Trek another crack of the whip before getting knee deep in “Star Wars”. Get ready to go from non believer to believer in 127 minutes of sci fi first class action. Character development? Check! Jaw dropping special effects? Check? Catchy story line, likable characters and original twists? Triple check! Currently scoring 8.0 on iMDB, the 2009 take on “Star Trek” will even get your girlfriend hooked on the franchise and she’ll finally understand all your Spock jokes.

2. Casino Royale, 2006

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

After Daniel Craig got cast as James Bond some eyebrows were raised, prompting fans to grind their teeth in cold sweated anxiety. The movie did way better than most were expecting. Few believed the twenty first James Bond movie can deliver anything new, but director Martin Campbell rose to the occasion and masterfully wielded his cinematographic wand to deliver a film that was praised for its smart script, edgy tone, with an outstanding performance by Daniel Craig.

1. Batman Begins, 2005

10 Movie Reboots Worth Seeing

Holding the title of the best reboot of all times, “Batman Begins” got mostly favorable reviews hinting at it being the perfect blend between the comic book and movie. It didn’t take long before Christopher Nolan started being praised for bringing the real Batman to the screen, including  Bruce Wayne’s fear of bats, his parents’ death and his road to becoming Batman.

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