Movie set photos are not common, but if you think of movie set photos taken by an ‘insider’, by a man who knows both cinematography and photography, than you have some really rare and beautiful images. The photographer who realized this project, called ‘A book of photographs I’ve taken on movie sets’ is famous. Not because of his photos though, but because of his acting. His name is Jeff Bridges and we all know him. We did not know he was fond of photography though. Apparently, this was a hobby of his since he was in high school and he cultivated and refined this hobby with the help of his wife, a professional photograph. Enjoy this selection of photos and do remember that you can find many more on Jeff Bridge’s official website!

1. True Grit

true grit

Hailee Steinfeld is staring in the box office movie True Grit (2010). It is story of a young girl (interpreted by Hailee) who is looking for the murderer of her father. Smart, stubborn and brave, she will travel trough wilderness side by side with the U.S marshal ‘Rooster’ Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) and with Texas ranger LaBoeuf(Matt Damon) and she will have many surprises on the way. In this picture, Hailee is shooting the first scene of her first movie.

2. True Grit again

hailee steinfeld

In this picture, Bridges is featuring Hailee Steinfeld (age 14) on the movie set together with her father, the personal trainer Peter Steinfeld. Hailee seems to be in a break and she is smiling at the camera. She seems to enjoy her time and a (most probably) well- deserved break. Jeff Bridges succeeded in capturing a great moment and in making us to feel a bit of the magic of movie making.

3. Tron: Legacy


Tron: Legacy (2010) was one of the best movies of last year. Having the chance of seeing some images from the movie set is a big thing and we have Jeff Bridges to thank for it! Here he is, wearing, a device which makes us go ‘hah’. Here is how he describes it: ‘I’m wearing a head rig with four infrared cameras that track my performance by measuring the distance between each of the dots as my expression change.

4. Tron: Legacy again

tron, olivia wilde

Olivia Wilde looks really, really sexy in this movie! It is not by mistake that Maxim ranked her first in their top ‘Hot 100’, in 2009. In this movie, she is playing the role of a young warrior named Quorra, who is an Isomorphic Algorithm (better known as ISO). This is a race of programs that are self-created; in other words, they were not created by users. She is helping Kevin Flinn, who is caught in the digital world he had created, to survive and eventually, to escape.

5. Crazy Heart

crazy heart

Jeff Bridges played in Crazy Heart in 2009. It is the story of Bad Blake (Bridges), a country music singer who is merely a wreck, after too many marriages and to many drinks which both left him depressed and broken. He will be saved by a journalist named Jean (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who sees the real man behind his image of a failed musician. In this picture, we see Jeff Bridges in a photo he made for himself, somewhere in New Mexico, on the movie set. Under the photo he mentioned that the blood on his forehead is fake, so that we wouldn’t freak out…

6. Crazy Heart again

crazy heart

Jack Nation, a 5 year kindergartner, is playing Jean’s son, Buddy. He appears to be a good actor despite his young age. Here is how Jeff Bridges describes this sweet looking little boy: ‘this non-actor gave us all acting lessons’. In this picture, we see director and writer Scott Cooper giving some advice to Jack.

7. Iron man

iron man

Iron Man (2008) was a box office movie released in 2008. It featured Robert Downey Junior and Gwyneth Paltrow in the main roles. Jeff Bridges played the role of Obadiah Stane, the right hand of Tony Stark at Stark Industries. He is a negative character, cheating Stark and selling weapons to the insurgents. According to Bridges, he enjoyed working on this movie because of the great team but also because he had the chance of shaving his head, which he wanted to, all his life. In this picture, we see the movie set, with the iron man suit as the main element of the photo.

8.  Iron Man again

iron man

In this picture, we see some of the members of the production team and of the cast in a room, discussing details of movie. Jeff Bridges describes this photo as well: ‘Iron Man was lucky to have John Favreau ( I.e. the director, first from the right) at the helm and Robert Downey Jr. playing the main guy. They were the reason I wanted to do this movie’. I admired their work and found them funny, smart and nimble-stuff that would come in very handy on this one.’

9. The Moguls / The Amateurs


‘The moguls’ is a movie from 2005.  It is about some guys in a small town; they decide to make an adult film, being persuaded by a man named Andy Sargentee (Jeff Bridges) who passing through a middle age crisis. Before the beginning of the shooting, Jeff Bridges invited the members of the production team at his family beach house to clarify some aspects regarding the movie and to get to know each other. This is where this photo was taken. Director Michael Traeger explains his vision of the movie to the others.

10. The Moguls/The Amateurs again


This movie set photo was taken at the end of the shooting, when everyone was sharing good bye hugs. Two of the cast members are enjoying a glass of what seems to be beer, while taking part at the good bye party. What is cool about this photo is the message behind them. If one didn’t know what the whole thing was about, he would go …’hmmm’. According to the photographer, Jeff Bridges, the movie was fun to make and they all enjoyed it: ‘I think we all had a great time on this one. I know I did’.