Series marathons are amazing on a rainy Saturday when you just feel like crawling under your blanket and spend the day with tea and disconnect from everything that has to do with commitments, obligations, to do’s and work. But in my best efforts to find the next best series to watch the internet has always left me wanting more just because there are so many good series out there that making a top ten would most certainly mean doing those that did not make it a disservice. I will therefore not dare say that these are the best series out there just a few I have found enjoyable to a point where I could not stop until I had seen the very last episode.

  1. House M.D.

Where series about doctors are concerned E.R., Scrubs, Chicago Hope, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and all others out there don’t hold a candle to House- this perfectly written show follows the antisocial diagnostics expert Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) and the many cases he and his team solve. The medically valid cases are intriguing to watch, and the witty lines and interactions between characters will keep you on the edge of your seats as the main character takes great pride in both challenging and pranking both the members of his team and superiors or friends.

Top 10 Television Series 4

  1. Smash

The series began in 2012 as a show that portrays the difficulties faced when trying to produce a Broadway musical, from casting to raising the funds, rehearsal and directing. Most of the songs are composed especially for the show and the few covers are perfectly chosen and sung. The show revolves around a newcomer, Karen Cartwright (Katharine McPhee, an American Idol finalist) that manages to land the lead part in the musical called Bombshell. The show is both captivating and innovative- well worth the while.Top 10 Television Series 7

  1. The Big Bang Theory

We have to admit that we all find the small quirks and social awkwardness that comes with exceptionally intelligent people intriguing and it is exactly for this reason that this series has found such success. The main characters, Leonard and Sheldon are physicists at Caltech University in Pasadena whose relationship is daily tested by Sheldon’s eccentric demands. The duo is completed with the mechanical engineer, Howard and the astrophysicist Rajesh and the foursome interact in peculiar ways with pre-planned game-nights and specifically chosen dinner schedules. As spoilers are never appreciated I will end by saying that the plot is excellently written and the show is surely something you will never regret seeing.

Top 10 Television Series 8

  1. Dexter

In our quest for out of the ordinary plot lines we must stop and take the hit series Dexter into consideration: the main character is a Miami Metro Police Forensics expert who moonlights as a morally conditioned serial killer. The entire plot is centered on the precise and elaborated moral code that this killer abides by, since not anyone can be eligible to be chosen as a victim- Dexter only considers other killers, drug dealers, rapists or other violent criminals. The astonishing thing about the series is that, as it unfolds to reveal the story about Dexter’s creation as a killer, the audience begins not only to understand but also to relate to this quite extraordinary character. A must see for anyone with an interest in elaborate, intelligent plotlines.


  1. Fringe

This drama is centered around Olivia Dunham, an FBI agent working in a special division, Fringe division, who deals with peculiar murders and must find explanations for seemingly inexplicable phenomena. She teams up with a formerly institutionalized scientist who previously experimented with technological processes that can explain the brewing storm that seems to be part of a grander pattern.

Top 10 Television Series 2

  1. Breaking Bad

This series starts out with a seemingly inconspicuous plotline: a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with incurable cancer and begins his treatment. But as he cannot cover the costs of the expensive procedures and treatments he decides to produce the best quality crystal methamphetamine. The show is centered on the way that this fatal diagnosis transforms his morality and turns him into a major drug manufacturer and in the end dealer.


  1. New Girl

This series is like a breath of fresh air amongst all other serious and complicated plots out there. The plotline is quite simple: a bubbly single woman who more often than not bursts into spontaneous singing moves in with three men after a difficult break-up. So the entire thing revolves around the peculiar interactions they have as a group and the funny situations they end up in because of each-others quirks.

Top 10 Television Series 9

  1. How I met Your Mother

Well no list would be complete without this never ending story about the father who tells his children the story about meeting their mother. As simple as the plot sounds the show is adorable and has become iconic with phrases like “It’s gonna be legen-wait for it-dary” being known by nearly everyone you can think of. The episodes are fresh, catchy and you can’t help falling in love with the cast.

Top 10 Television Series 5

  1. Game of Thrones

Even though you have probably not only seen the series but devoured it completely, it is worth mentioning for those that may not be so up-to-date with good series. Centered around seven noble blooded families who fight for control of Westeros, this series takes on the great task of describing not only battles for power but also political intrigue while an ancient evil awakes up north as winter comes upon the lands.

Top 10 Television Series 3

  1. The Tudors

Historically themed series might not be your thing but The Tudors is different: this drama features the reign and marriages of Henry VIII portrayed in a splendid light. The fast-moving action, the cleverly written plot will make you go through episodes like a knife through butter. It is a definite must see.

Top 10 Television Series 6

So all that remains is to boil some water, make some popcorn and snuggle warm and cozy, since the difficulty of choosing has been taken out of the way. Enjoy.