It’s almost the end of the year and one of our favorite activities is to start planning those resolutions we will make to ourselves on the New Year’s Eve that we will never keep. It’s funny how we go through this routine each and every year without respecting (most of the times) the decisions we make.

We present to you our list of top ten best New Year resolutions people never keep. Maybe it will be a good template for ideas of resolutions for people everywhere to make on the New Year’s Eve and immediately ignore afterwards.

Some of these resolutions are truly great if we could actually keep them. If not, well, then they’re just hilarious.

1. Quit smoking


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Even though it would be amazing to quit smoking in the New Year to come, this resolution is probably never going to happen. This is possibly the most popular New Year’s resolution we make and then break. We really don’t have to wait for a whole new year to break this one. Why not just start now?

2. Get fit / Lose weight


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It seems that many New Year’s resolutions revolve around some form of weight loss, and this would be great if we would actually keep our promises for a change. Have you tried walking in a gym the first week of the New Year? Well, try throwing a needle in there, see if you can. The place is packed with new people. This is a very common New Year’s resolution that we actually keep; for about two days or so.

3. Eat healthier foods


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Yeah, right. This one falls into the category “give up junk food and soda”. As much as we dislike people who brag about their new healthy diet, who are eating salads and drinking all sorts of healthy smoothies, only to get wasted as soon as Friday arrives, they’re pretty much all of us. This desire to get healthier gets more amplified at the end of the year, making it another common resolution. Although it’s pretty easy not to eat like a dinosaur after the holidays, our plans usually fall apart after the first couple of weeks of the New Year.

4. Save up some money


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Who wouldn’t need some extra money? This is probably everyone’s New Year’s resolution. But as much as we’d want to keep this one, it might prove itself to be the most difficult resolution to keep in the long run.

5. Spend less time on the phone or on the internet


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Now this is a doozy of a pickle. Statistics show that this one is just impossible. It’s backed up by facts; and stats; and science. Period.

6. Put career first


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As much as we clean up our desks, rewrite our résumés and work overtime by applying ourselves, in the end we’re gonna have a bad time. If you’re not miserable about your job in your twenties than you’re not even a real human.

7. Make some investments


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This one goes hand in hand with the “save up some money” resolution. Better use that extra money we saved for some serious investments, right? Right.

8. Be more in control and organized


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This is a pretty important one. It’s very important to be organized and we realize this otherwise we wouldn’t say this to ourselves every year. But just wait until February, when all our plans fall to pieces. Nancy Pelosi once said (this is one of our favorite quotes): “Organize, don’t agonize.”

9. Stop stressing about small things


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At the end of every year we decide not to put to heart all the small things but at the beginning of every New Year we let this one just pass by.

10. Keep all your New Year’s resolutions


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This is my personal favorite. A resolution involving other resolutions; yeah, this one will definitely work out.

So there you have it. These were great examples but we sincerely believe that anyone can come up with a lot more promises to themselves that they will never keep because if history ever taught us something about resolutions is that we will never learn our lesson. But it’s what we love most on New Year’s Eve, it is what makes us happy for a moment in that night between years and is sincerely one of the funniest traditions we follow and will continue to follow every year.

So here is one of our favorite tips we can give to you. Avoid making impossible promises to avoid feeling bad for not keeping them.