Oakley Inc. was founded by Jim Jannard in 1975 with a budget of no more than $300, and draws its name from his dog, an English Setter. The company is based in California – Foothill Ranch and produces various sports equipment such as ski goggles, backpacks, shoes, watches, clothes, prescription glasses, American football and hockey eyeware products, golf gear, sunglasses and much more. Jim first started selling what he called “The Oakley Grip” – a motorcycle grip that used a one-of-a-kind material patented by Jim and called “Unobtanium”. This material is still used to make earsocks on Oakley glasses and nose pieces. There are many websites out there which offer Oakley’s products, in addition to other established brands such as Bvlgari, Adidas, or Calvin Klein. Choosing the best pair is no easy task and, with the hope that today’s article will help with that, we’ve made a list of Oakley sunglasses online.


10. Radar Path Photochromic


The Radar Path Photochromic pair of sunglasses from Oakley features interchangeable lens to adapt with your lifestyle while the High Definition Optics offers high-end visibility. The frame is designed in such a way that it keep the air seamlessly flowing. Last but not least, to keep your eyes rested and protected the Photochromic technology darkens and lightens the lenses automatically.

9. RadarLock Path Photochromic (Asian Fit)


We continue our list of Oakley sunglasses online with another product designed to compliment the Asian facial anatomy. Thanks to the Switchlock technology one can easily and rapidly change lenses to adapt vision according to the environment. By merging HDO with Polaric Ellipsoid you will benefit from a crystal clear image like you’ve never seen before. The frame is durable and superlight as it’s made of O Matter. The pair also features interchangeable nose pads.

8. Pit Boss


The Pit Boss is next in our list of Oakley sunglasses online; this pair efficiently combines the classic style of Oakley Inc. with the feeling of being in the spotlight. The Pit Boss is the end-result of six years of perfecting a unique design for those who want and can make a statement.

7. Straight Jacket


If you’re looking for a really stylish look how about this pair of Straight Jacket sunglasses that superbly combines a breathtaking frame with Plutonite lenses that filter out all UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light. The frame is made of O Matter combined with the aforementioned material – Unobtainium.

6. Polarized Water Jacket


The Polarized Water Jacket pair of sunglasses is truly a marvel of high-tech development. The condensed cranial shape is able to protect against wind, UV, and water drops. Each pair features hydrophobic treatment solution, a protective case and H2O strap. The polarized lenses help with protection against reflected sunlight in tough environments such as snow or water.

5. Fast Jacket Transitions SolFx


Our next pair features interchangeable lenses (it comes equipped with two pairs of them). You will also be offered a Nano-Clear Hydrophobic mini-pen so that you can apply a special coating which protects against water, in the sense that it transforms water into little droplets. Furthermore, impact protection is according to the ANSI Z87.1 standards. The ZYX Optics Technology keeps your peripheral vision at maximum capacity.

4. Fast Jacket


The Fast Jacket features an open-edge lens design to enhance your vision as you look downwards. The frame is made of O Matter and comes equipped with two sizes of interchangeable nosepads made of Unobtainium, thus increasing the grip if you perspire. Moreover, the Three-Point Fit enables a precise vision while also maximizing comfort.

3. Racing Jacket (Asian Fit)


This is yet another pair designed especially for the Asian facial anatomy, a pair that screams professionalism when it comes to action sports and protection. In addition to the interchangeable lenses, the pair also makes use of ZYX Optics and HDO. At the same time, the frame is both durable and lightweight, maximizing comfort and efficiency.

2. Shiny Brown


Next in our list of Oakley sunglasses online is this pair, especially designed for women. The feminine shape and comfort exceeds one’s expectations, while also providing with the stylish look of what a women’s pair of sunglasses should be. The shiny brown frame with gradient lenses that protect the eyes are highlighting the true trademark of Oakley products.

1. Fringe Purple


And if brown is not your thing, maybe purple is! By adding a touch of new wave style combined with just a bit of old school, the Fringe Purple sunglasses from Oakley are focused by design and color on the younger sector. The cat-eye shape of the frame brings swag, confidence, and appeal to the next level. This superb pair of glasses is also making use of the Three-Point fit technology and clear optics. We can only applaud this initiative!