10 Odd Things Happening Only In China

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China is a country of incalculable value as culture, history and tradition goes, but also as an ever growing economical power. Still, there are a lot of things happening there that we don’t know about, as the regime is strict enough not to release a lot of dark, secret, even weird pieces of information regarding the every day life of contemporary, modern China. Incredible things happen and we may actually be puzzled by some facts, such as the increased lack of concern toward the environment, an increased focus on speed in the detriment of safety and many others more. So today we take a look on some events, facts and data that are bizarre, indeed, and yet they take place in modern China.

1. Suicide rate

Apparently, in China, office buildings are equipped with safety nets by the windows, in order to prevent people from jumping and kill themselves.


2. Stumble and fall

Buildings seem to fall very often in China. The amazing thing is that they fall on the side and still remain intact.


3. Ghost weddings

There are tomb raiders in China who steal corpses from the cemeteries and sell them for “ghost marriages” to families who have a young one dead single. It is a Chinese tradition that gives authorities a lot of trouble.


4. Wasted money

As construction quality goes, it seems that China is not too big on investing in durable constructions. Bridges collapse only in months after inauguration.


5. Live the high life

While the average population struggles with a lot of economical and social problems, officials in China spend tens of thousands of dollars on luxury products, such as golden and silver cookies or jade jewelry.


6. Divorce

Known for its strict policies on child birth and demographics, China also faces a fast spreading phenomenon: couples get a divorce only to avoid to pay taxes and real estate fees.


7. Pollution

We talk about countries in Europe and cities in the US affected by smog, but how many of us know that the smog over China can be seen from outer space?


8. Freedom of keeping it quiet

Lots of media trusts, social-network and media channels are banned in China.


9. Corruption

White collar executives in the highest positions within the banking system are sentenced to death if proven guilty with corruption.


10. Boredom

Traffic is a killer in China, and we mean it literally, as mass accidents take place on high speed bridges, highways or railroads. Sometimes, though, when the traffic jam gets impossible to avoid or escape, people just get out of their cars and do dome push-ups. Good for the health, they say.


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