Lakes are ones of the most beautiful creations on Earth. They are still, clear and pure, they are surrounded by incredibly beautiful landscapes and they have the capacity to bring us peace of the mind and of the soul. Lakes cannot be described, they must be experienced. That is because one cannot describe uniqueness and each of these oasis of silence is different. They all tell a story; they are all transmitting different feelings. Pictures are one way of discovering these treasures of nature.  Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful, photography will make them justice. Nevertheless, we will give it a try. This is a list of 10 most beautiful lakes in the world.

1. Lake Nyasa or Malawi

malawy lake

Situated at the border of Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, this majestic form of nature has an estimated age of at least 40.000 years and if was formed by the splitting of the African tectonic plate. It is home to 1000 species of beautiful, exotic fish. Sadly, their number is slowly decreasing due to excessive fishing. Lake Malawi represents an important source of nutrition for all the communities which surround this 365 miles long still water.

2. Peyto Lake

lake peyto

This jewel can be found in Alberta, Canada, in the ‘Banff National Park’. It peacefully lies surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, home to dense forests which increase the beauty of the landscape. Every summer, Peyto Lake is fed by the melting water of the glaciers which made this area famous. The rock flour that reaches into the lake gives it an astonishing turquoise color worth seeing with your own eyes.  If you want to get the best image of the alpine landscape and of the lake, you should climb up to Bow summit. Grab a camera as well; you will need it for sure!

3. Crater Lake

Crater Lake

T he name of this lake could not be more appropriate, since it is indeed located onto a volcano in the Cascade Range, called mount Mazama. Thousands of years ago, when the volcano erupted, its top exploded, leaving behind a huge caldera, thus , the name of the still water which accumulated therein.  Crater is the deepest lake in the United States, its waters descending an estimated 655 meters into the calendra. As if it weren’t enough, the deep, blue water of the lake, combines with the evergreen landscape surrounding it, in order to create a nature’s work of art appreciated by numerous tourists every year.

4. Lake Como

Lake como

This is a glacial lake in Lombardy, Italy. One of the most renowned in the world, Lake Como has been a popular retreat for the high classes of Rome. Today, many famous people around the world own villas around Lake Como, which is largely regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Also, it represents a popular touristic destination for people around the world, due to the mild weather, the beautiful landscape and the diverse wildlife.

5. Taal Lake

lake taal

Taal Lake, in Philippines, is considered not only one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, but one of the most dangerous as well.  This is because of a small volcano situated on an islet in the centre of the lake. Called the Taal volcano, this little wonder of nature is one of the most actives volcanoes in the world. The lake itself is of volcanic origin, sitting on a calendula formed 100.000 years ago, when massive eruption took place in that area. Today, the Volcano Mountain is carefully surveyed and all touristic trips in are discouraged because the angry little mountain may erupt any moment.

6. Lake Atitlán

lake atitlan

This is a very beautiful volcanic lake in Guatemalan Highlands. Its depth (600 meters), its location, in-between three majestic volcanoes, and the landscapes are outstanding. One could not possibly ask for more, but there is, actually: the lake is surrounded by small Mayan villages, where the cultural features of this ancient people are still preserved. A journey to Lake Atitlán will surely satisfy your thirst for culture, beauty and amusement.

7. Lake Garda

lake garda

Garda is the largest of the Italian lakes and a favored touristic destination.  The lake is surrounded by perfect beaches and an amazing landscape. Tourists may enjoy the hot springs, in the south of the lake, the little picturesque villages along the shores and the crests of the Dolomites in the north. For an extraordinary view of the entire lake, you may take a cable car to Mount Blanco. Also, small islands spread across the lake for an enchanting and unique view.

8 Lake Annecy

lake annecy

Surrounded by the French Alps, this lake is not only one of the most beautiful in the world, but also, one of the cleanest, due to the severe regulations. In summer, the entire Paris seems to move to this place. This lake is known for its many touristic attractions as well as for the great views. Annecy has been immortalized in many ways. Subject of paintings and photographs, of literary descriptions and of contemporary stories, this wonder of nature is unforgettable. One cannot see this place and never wish to return…

9.  Plitvice Lakes

plitvice lake

Plitvice Lakes is the oldest National Park in southeastern Europe. It is also one of the first places added to the UNESCO world heritage. It is famous for the wonderful lakes arranged in cascades.  The 16 lakes are formed along the numerous small rivers and are separated by travertine barriers, which represent very sensitive walls made of microorganisms, moss and algae. The fragileness of this unique place was the reason for the strict regulations which apply in the area. Another amazing feature of the lakes is that each of them has its own color, varying from light blue to green and grey.

10 Lake Matheson

lake matheson

In New Zeeland lies a lake as clear and still as a mirror. This is Lake Matheson, also known as ‘Mirror Lake’. It is famous for its reflections of the surrounding landscape, especially of Mount Cook and Tasman.  It’s one of the most beautiful images one could ever witness. The surrounding wild areas, with its thick vegetation and its very tall ‘rimu’ trees will offer you one of your best walks ever!

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