The most popular plastic surgeries in the world are the ones which revolutionized the world of beauty, which gave birth to the idea of perfection when it comes to human body and which made all the women in the world acknowledge the possibility of becoming as beautiful as any celebrity out there. As in any other domain, all you need is money…

1. Breast augmentation


This is one of the first plastic surgeries ever performed, and it changed mankind’s perception of beauty forever.  It is not a cheap procedure, so you won’t see a poor woman with her boobs filled with silicone, which is for sure! The price of the breast augmentation surgery is about 4,500$, depending of their size.

2. Liposuction

5. liposuction

No other type of treatment works as quickly and with such astonishing result. Though it is a surgery in itself, requiring anesthesia and paying attention to blood loss, this is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in history. The cost of such a procedure is of at least 2, 800 $, if you choose the suction-assisted liposuction, which is cheaper than the ultrasound one.

3. Eyelid surgery

Performing Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

As statistics reveal, this is the third most popular plastic surgery in the world, with an estimated 149, 000 procedures having been performed last year  in America only. It seems like people are indeed dissatisfied with their eyelids and since changing appearance is not a big deal today- a matter of money only- we will have a world full of perfect eyelids in no time!

4. Rhinoplasty

4. rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a very old procedure, which is described even by Romans. Hoever, it was refined and made popular in the 20th century, when more and more persons began to demand for their nose to be corrected. Today, there is also a non-surgical variant of the rhinoplasty, where the case allows it.The cost : 4,400$

5. The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)


Tummy tuck is also a women’s favorite. Especially stars, but not only them, are crazy about this intervention which is meant to make your abdomen firm. After child birth, or if a person lost an important amount of weight, the tummy thuck may work like magic. The cost of such an experience is of around 5,000$ , so there is a large amount of money involved.

6.  Breast reduction

6. breast reduction

One of the plastic surgeries that made a difference in the world of beauty, the breast reduction may be a surprise to some of you. There are women who feel that their breast is simply to large, and it may even become uncomfortable, or  painful. If you feel that too, than you should know that in your situation, the medical insurance will partially pay for the surgery. The cost :5,000$

7. Breast lift

breast lift

This is one of the most important parts of a woman’s body, if you consider the number of interventions that all relate to breast. The third beauty procedure on this list related to breast, lifting , is important enough for some women  as to pay 4,000 to have their boobs look nice and firm. I’m not saying it is not important-it is..but up to a certain age…let’s say…50!

8. Facelift

8. facelift

The entire world was relieved when the first facelifts were performed. “Now, our celebrities will look young forever”, people thought. No, I’m just kidding, that is not what they thought. However, it is true that celebrities are the most affected of the “facelift addiction”. They simply can’t live without it. The price of beauty is, in this case, at least 6,000$.

9. Buttock implants

9 booties

All people are dissatisfied with one body part or another, and when they can make a change, especially when they can afford it, they do not hesitate. Buttock implants are among the most demanded procedures out there because butts are one of the attractions of women, so there is no room for imperfections in this area. These days, women are asking to their plastic surgeons to make their butts look like those of celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian or –most recently, Pippa Middleton. Cost:at least 6,000$.

10. Otoplasty

10. ears

The otoplasty is the “cosmetic ear surgery”, as specialists put it. It is less expensive that those before it, but not less popular, as many people have a problem with the way their ears look. This is true especially for women-as in most cases. Women complain about the size of the ear, about its shape or about the fact that the earlobe does not look young anymore. The solution for their problem costs around 3,000$.


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