No one likes airports. No matter how modern, well designed and friendly it seems, it is impossible to love a place in the perimeters of which so many things could go wrong! Then, there is the endless waiting, the awkwardness of sleeping on a bench, in a public space, while other people may be watching you and the stress of being checked, even asked to remove your clothes or your shoes. The crowd, the noise, the plain connections, the bad weather, these are all good reasons to hate flying. Here are some of the airports which were supposed to offer  great conveniences, but  they are, by contrary, the most criticized.  Enjoy the list of 10 of the worst airports in the world, as reviewd by travelers:

1.Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

charles de gaulle airport

Apparently, being the largest airport in France and one of the busiest in the world does not necessarily impose high quality services as well.  This airport has major problems. Everyone seems to complain about it:  the building is ugly, the personnel are impolite, homeless people disturb the sleeping travelers, the benches are uncomfortable and insufficient and there are some ugly terminals that definitely need some renovation. Apparently, police officers within the perimeter are only ornamental, so you might be obliged to solve your problems by yourself, regardless of their nature. Good luck!

2. Beauvais Airport, Paris

beauvais airport

It seems that the French are just not good with airports. Beauvais Airport is on second place because it closes every night. It would be hilarious if it did not affect all of us! Where to sleep, then??? No clue whatsoever…on a bench, outside (if any), in a bathroom box  (if not already taken) or out in the fields. Isn’t that a lovely way to travel? The other facilities of the airport include: few benches and mmm…that would be it!

3. Madrid-Barajas Airport

madrid baranjas

…because its humongous! You should be careful, maybe even use breadcrumbs, or you might get lost in the giant airport which looks more like a shopping mall. If you are in a hurry, tough luck: Getting to the terminals may take you 20 or 30 minutes of walking , or a 5 minutes run, depending on your  flight schedule. Apparently, a couple lost their dog in this airport and the poor animal wondered around for weeks before anyone could find it!

4. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

lax airport

This airport seems more like a terrorist spotting center, because of the treatment you are getting : the staff is rude and looks at you as if you were on the ‘most wanted list’. Also, there are not enough seats so you might want to bring a mat, if you’re going to stay for several hours. Moreover, there is no signage, bathrooms are in a poor condition and the facilities are completely missing; there’s no shop whatsoever. Even buying a coffee or a sandwich is an impossible mission.

5. Indra Gandhi, New Delhi

gandhi airport

Even though this airport was subject to recent improvements, it wasn’t enough work done because travelers are not at all satisfied. By contrary, the feedback is a negative one. The design seems to be ugly, the seats insufficient, and the temperature too low due to the excessive air conditioning. It is a crowded airport and passport control is too slow, which leads to massive dissatisfaction. Also, you might want to watch out for the taxi drivers, they are real sharks!

6. Manila International Airport

manila airport

This airport is famous for the bribery which is a common practice   and for the poor condition of the older terminal. Apparently, there are ridiculously scarce seats, the bathrooms are unsanitary and the whole place looks like a dump. There are beggars and scams all over the airport; ignoring them is the best option you have.  Things look better in the new terminal, were there are enough seats, internet connection and a larger, cleaner space.

7. Heathrow, London

heathrow airport

Heathrow is just so crowded! However, it is not the business that makes an airport bad, but in this case, the business is doubled by the unsatisfactory services. You would think that, with such a huge amount of travelers passing through Heathrow each year, the airport officials should try to ease the transit and improve the services as much as possible: speed up the baggage line, fluidize the check-in and make other changes so that the airport lose the battlefield look and the frustration of having to wait forever to pass through security, diminish.

8. JFK, New York

JFK airport

This airport is awful because of the annoying announcements which are sure to give you headaches if you are compelled to spend several hours listening to them, but also because of the chaos that reigns over the place. In addition, seats are not sufficient for all the travelers and the services are not to the level of such an important airport. Also, the shopping points close at night, so make sure you buy everything you need in time, if you can.

9.Chicago O’hare Airport

chicago o'hare

This airport received many negative reports from the travelers, because of the cold seats with armseats, because of the rude staff and of the canceled flights. Also, if you think at the amount of passengers that have to spend the night in this airport, you would expect more facilities and ways of spending times within the perimeters of the airport. There is no place to charge mobile phones, except for the bathrooms, apparently, there’s no comfortable place to take a nap (except for the chapel’s floor, maybe) and the place is freezing cold.

10. Bombay Airport

bombay airport

Bombay has been recently improved, but there are still things to annoy travelers. Negative reports include aggressive mosquitoes which will make you go angry and poor service. Also, the international and the domestic terminals are not in the same building, so you’ll need to check in twice. It seems to be lacking in hygiene as well and leaving your luggage unattended is not a good idea, even for a short while. It is not the safest place on earth, for sure!

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