Project management software is a term that defines a great variety of software solutions, including planning and estimation, scheduling, budget management, cost control, collaboration software, resource allocation, communication, documentation or administration systems and quality management, all of which are used aid with complex projects. For starters, agile management, also known as agile project management is a technique that’s mostly used in small-scale projects. There are several ways of using project management software, and two are the most common – one that’s integrated on a desktop PC, while the second is web-based concentrated. Desktop applications usually store data within a file,  but that’s not a rule. There are cases when the applications can collaborate with other users or store data in a central database. As for web-based applications, they come with advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantage is that they can be accessed from any computer, without the aid of installed programs. Other solutions of project management include personal, single user, collaborative, and integrated tools. There are many tools at hand. For example, Scrum is used for managing software projects and product/application development. On the other hand, Lean and Kanban – the latter being a process tool for software engineering. With that said, here’s our list of ten project management software tools to aid your future projects.

10. SlimSuite


The SilmSuite tools for software project mangement include a variety of programs, such as the Slim Masterplan, Slim-Control, Slim-Metrics, Slim-Estimate, and finally Slim-Datamanger, all of which are designed to subsume everything you need to estimate, benchmark and control your software projects.

9. AcerProject


AceProject is a tool to help you organize and keep organized management projects by making use of a collaborative approach. Every project can be configured with its own structure, giving you the opportunity to manage many types of projects. Create new projects by taking advantage of included tools such as reusable and definable project templates.

8. TurboProject Express


TurboProject express delivers simple project management software solutions for entry level projects. It is the perfect choice for those in need of a simple software kit to build project schedules and task management. TurboProject is offering presentation quality output, customized view settings and publishing extensions such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also choose from TurboProject Pro and Turbo Project Standard – the first being oriented towards portfolio management, multiple projects and cross-functional teams.

7. EasyProjects


We move along our list of project management software tools with a web-based engine that makes team collaboration easy and direct. We should mention that there’s a 15-day trial; after that’s over, you can opt for a subscription of $17/month for one user. The one-year subscription will get you a 10% discount. EasyProjects offers solutions for project management, online projects, team collaboration, managing teams and resources, and more.

6. SpringLoops


Choose SpringLoopps’ subscription plans between $15 and $200 per month, while also having the opportunity to try it for free – which includes 25 MB of space, three projects and deployments a day by using FTP or SFTP connections, and roll-back features. Their interface is user friendly and intuitive, while tabbed web-surfing allows access to the source, log, and deployment information. Adding users is done via e-mail.

5. CreativePro Office


Our number five out of ten project management software tools is offering complete office management kit for free. The service features tabbed navigation that includes tabs for time sheets, clients, projects, team members and finances, in addition to the dashboard calendar that helps with listing your projects, notes and more.

4. No Kahuna


Apart from the fact that No Kahuna has an iPhone version, pushing project management towards mobility, this project management and issue-tracking platform is easy to use and features a superb interface. With No Kahuna you can take advantage of collaboration tools, task and activity tracking, and so on.

3. JumpChart


JumpChart is an excellent weapon that’s oriented towards web design, but it’s not strictly focused on project management application. With JumpChart you can plan the navigation of your portal by conceiving, dragging and dropping pages into your plan. Aside from a whole bunch of features, you can tweak your pages by adding text and formatting, export your site map and CSS files.

2. LightHouse


With LightHouse app project creation is easy as pie – you’re only required to enter a project title and description. Once it’s created, messages (you can attach files of up to 50MB), tickets (ticket creation is done via e-mail) and milestones can be entered. Also, setting permissions is a child’s play, while the highlight feature is LightHouse’s Beacon and API integration, the latter giving you the opportunity to customize tickets, changesets, projects, milestones, messages and much more. You can choose for subscriptions of $10 to $120 a month, the latter including unlimited projects, 50 public projects, unlimited users and 30 GB space.

1. BaseCamp


Often viewed as the best project management and collaboration platform, BaseCamp features many project management solutions, including file-sharing, to-do-lists, milestones, message boards, time tracking, commenting and project overviews. The interface is most certainly one of the best, making a lot of companies to make products that integrate with BaseCamp. Their basic plans is an affordable $24 a month and offers 15 active projects, 3 GB file storage and unlimited clients and users. If you want more, you can choose the Max Plan for $149 a month – not too cheap, not too expensive – which includes an unlimited number of projects, 50 GB file storage, time tracking, SSL security and a CampFire Premium account.