You’ve known each other for a long time, you’ve been dating for quite a while, there is nobody else in the world you would rather spend your life with, so why not make the big leap, and propose to her. How will you do it? When will you do it, and where will you do it? She will remember this moment as long as she lives, so it has to be something memorable. It can be a grand gesture, but it can also be something extremely romantic. Here are 10 proposal ideas.

  1. Romantic Dinner or Picnic

It may sound cliche, but it doesn’t matter where you do it, but how you do it. A romantic dinner in two, at your favorite restaurant, will surely make her feel loved. There are endless possibilities for the proposal. You can put the ring in her desert, you can hide it under a napkin, or you can simply kneel and ask her to marry you. You can also go to a picnic in an intimate place, listen to „your” song and wait for the perfect moment.


  1. Flashmob

It is difficult to organize a flashmob, but if it’s for the love of your life, then it is worth it. You will need a lot o friends, but it is possible. You don’t even have to do something very complicated. For example, you can ask her early in the morning. Call her to the window and surprise her with all her friends holding little plates with the message.


  1. Messages on the floor

Love messages from the entrance to the bedroom. Give her clues, make a mystery, make her sweat a little. If you are a romantic you can even write about your dreams for the future, or your feelings. When she enters the bedroom propose to her, and if she says yes celebrate with a bottle of champagne.


  1. Dream Vacation

What better way to propose to a woman than after a relaxing vacation in her favorite place. We recommend Venice or Paris, because it is very romantic. You should also wait for the last day to make the move. On that faithful day take her to the Eiffel tower, or to a romantic place, in an intimate spot, kiss her passionately and propose.


  1. Make a Blog

Make a Blog in which you commemorate everything you did together. Put photos of you, write about her and what she means to you, be romantic and make her tear a bit, and when it is finished, send it to her. Be present when she reads it, and at the end propose to her.


  1. Joke

Arrange for a policeman to stop her on her way back from work, and have him make up a ticket. The policeman has to write the ticket, scare her, and after she is in tears and reads the piece of paper she will read your marriage proposal.


  1. Commercial

Take her someplace nice, and on your way home point her direction to a screen with a commercial. Although at first she will think it is a simple commercial, she will soon realize that there instead of it there is a photo of you two, and a marriage proposal.


  1. Puzzle

Give her a big puzzle and ask her to finish it. Make it an easy puzzle with large pieces. When she will complete the mystery she will be amazed at the words: „Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” That is the moment to give her the ring.


  1. Flag

Write your message on a flag, and hang it on your balcony. When she comes home she will see the message, and if the answer is yes she will undoubtedly rush to your arms.


  1. The Old Classic Way

Although I appreciate original ideas, sometimes the best way to propose is in the old classic way. Ask permission from her parents, and propose to her in front of all her loved ones. Make the family become part of the most important moment of her life. Buy her a beautiful ring, kneel, put it on her finger, kiss and prepare for the rest of your lives.