Dating should be a pleasant thing where people get together, have fun, learn things about each other and enjoy themselves. But it’s not! Most first dates are hell, you’re nervous, wondering what the other person thinks about, you’re sitting there analyzing your every move, their every move and even when you’ve passed your first date, you’re still not out of the woods! But dating is vital to your social life, you need to get to know the person you’re interested in, to see if you’re a good match. You can ask your friends to hook you up, try online dating sites, but you have got to do it! We’ve some really helpful dating tips that will help you sail through your first few dates.

10. Don’t Drink Too Much


We know this one is a no-brainer and that nobody goes to a first date thinking I’m going to get plastered! but we feel the need to emphasize this because people are usually very nervous on first dates and they tend to calm their nerves with a nice, stiff drink. The problem with this is that you could be losing track of your drinks if you’re not careful. Besides, it’s always a good idea to never get drunker than the person you’re with.

9. Have Fun!


This should be our number one! If you do not have fun on your date, then why go? The best way to make sure you have fun on your dates is to choose the locations wisely. Don’t go to restaurants you don’t like, just because they’re trendy. Same with movies, if you think you won’t like something, don’t go because you’re trying to impress or be cool.

8. Don’t Offend


We’re not talking about name-calling the person you’re with, you silly! This one happened to me, unfortunately – I was sitting down having a beer with a lady and it was our first date. The night was fine until I started talking about my profound dislike for dermatologists and how I thought that what they do is simply fairy dust and freckles. Turned out her mother was a dermatologist. Let me tell you that I had a hard time getting out of that. The morale of the story, be polite and try not to offend anyone.

7. Listen!


It may sound like an easy thing to do, but let me tell you that it isn’t! Listening is a skill and one that you hone it. The thing that makes listening easier is if you really and genuinely like the person you’re with. If you don’t, then being forced to listen to them will not bring you anything but discomfort. If you enjoy the person you’re with, ask them honest questions about themselves and whatever you do, do not interrupt them.

6. Do Not Talk About Your Ex


If you need helpful dating tips, then this here might be the most important piece of dating advice: do not talk about your ex! You can mention them, once, if relevant (for example, the person you’re with is asking if you’ve ever been to Portugal and you have with your ex; simply mention that and then go on about how much you loved or hated the country). Nobody needs to hear all the details of your failed relationship. Keep that for later, although we don’t really recommend that either.

5. Don’t Insist


Another great tip for keeping a conversation safe and healthy is to not insist. If you see that the person across from you is uncomfortable talking about something, don’t insist, they’ll only go deeper in their shells and they’ll pretty much hate you for prodding. If you’ve touched upon a delicate subject, apologize and change the subject. When or if they are ready to tell you, they will without you asking them to.

4. Take Out Your Questionnaire


We don’t mean that you should take out an actual questionnaire and give it to your date, but we are implying that you should have a few questions concerning some topics you have strong feelings about and ask them about them point blank. Something along the lines of: What do you think about abortion? If they share your vision, then you’ve got a keeper.

3. Be Flirty


If you like the person and how the date’s going, show them that, be flirty! Maybe play with your hair or smile more, maybe even brushing your hand against theirs. There are all types of ways you can show them you like them and we’re not going to go into details. Just don’t cross any boundaries.

2. Be Honest


There is absolutely no good that can come out of lying on your first date. None! They are eventually going to find out the truth and they will be disappointed with you and will feel betrayed. Best to be honest and real – don’t be ashamed of who you are, because if you are, then others will take that as a sign that they should be ashamed of you.

1. Read the Cues


This is our number one dating tip because it’s very important to be able to read cues. You should sense when the conversation is dragging and try to spice it up, feel when the right time to kiss the other person is – it’s an art, really. Body language is very helpful here!

What are your thoughts on these helpful dating tips? Are they really helpful? Would you try any of them on your date? What was your worst date and could these tips have helped you?