The Marketing Is One Of The Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

Here’s the thing about superhero media: it’s been around since basically forever, adapting to every technological development that the last eight decades or so have suffered. Their stories went from comics to big screens, to TV screens, to cartoons and now, to big screens again. There’s no denying that a boom in the world of CGI opened new doors in the world of cinematography. After all, there’s a reason why there are so many remakes being shoved down our throats: movie makers can now tell a story in a more accurate and more eye catching way. Marvel, DC and FOX renewed the superhero genre and helped it rise from its own ashes. This is why, for the last few years, we’ve been bombarded with comic book adaptations one after another. If this is the case, then why the heck was Deadpool a bigger success than seventy percent of the other superhero movies preceding it? It didn’t only break records in its own genre, but it’s on its way to being one of the biggest modern movie launches ever. Here are 10 Reasons Behind Deadpool’s Success that will explain it.

1. Long Overdue

Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success - Long Overdue

The so called merc with the mouth is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, something that was clear the moment fans started bombarding creators to give them more of Deadpool after his first comic appearance. Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only one who’s had his fingers crossed for a Deadpool movie for over a decade – many fans were just as hopeful. And when a movie is so hyped and expected, it’s pretty impossible for it to fail.

2. Rated R

Rated R - Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

Deadpool definitely wasn’t the first superhero movie that ditched the much safer alternative of PG-13, but we need to admit this played a big part in its success. Surprisingly, fans weren’t excited at the prospect because it meant finally having some profanities in a Marvel movie, but because this meant the movie was going to stay true to its source material. Many say that a Deadpool that isn’t R-rated isn’t Deadpool at all, and we have to agree.

3. The Marketing Campaign

The Marketing Is One Of The Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

Say what you will, but Deadpool had the most incredible marketing campaign of any movie, well, ever. From the moment the trailer was released (and even before that), we were blessed with a form of publicity that matches the tone of the movie so well, we need to wonder if it wasn’t Deadpool himself behind it. From parodying posters of other movies, to making promotional sketches and hilarious interviews, the cherry on top was definitely how dedicated and fully committed Ryan Reynolds was.

4. It’s Hilarious

Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success Include Its Humor

The last R-rated superhero movie with a great sense of humor was Kick Ass, but not even it manages to live up to the unique satire present in Deadpool. Only seconds into the movie, you are greeted by some hilarious opening credits that let you know you’re in for a truly different superhero experience. Basically, this movie doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and people loved that.

5. The Star

Ryan Reynolds Is Among The Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

We’ve already mentioned Ryan Reynolds, but this guy needs a special entry of his own. There is no one who loves Deadpool more than he does, something proven by his unwavering dedication to achieve his dream of seeing the merc with the mouth come to the big screens. Like many other perfect casting choices behind him (Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man, for example), Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool.

6. Revived The Genre

The Fresh Tone Makes One Of The Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

The superhero movie genre seemed as steady as it got, with the studios in charge of the films having big plans ahead of them, but a series on unfortunate flops almost made us worry. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was at best disappointing, the Fantastic Four reboot was a complete disaster, and not even Avengers: Age Of Ultron managed to live up to its reputation. After successes like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant-Man, it looked as if the genre was dying out. Thankfully, when faced with a completely unique movie, audiences went all over it and Deadpool managed to confirm that superheroes are here to stay, if executed properly.

7. He’s Not A Superhero

Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success - Not A Superhero

It’s not the right word to describe Wade Wilson, is it? This is were Deadpool stands out from the crowd: he is an anti-hero, a character constantly walking the fine line between being a hero and a villain. One moment you sympathize with him for doing an act of good will, and the next moment you’re suddenly struck with the realization that he’s basically an insane mercenary with a very, very high kill count. Seeing some grey morality in our Marvel movies is definitely a breath of fresh air.

8. A Mosaic Of Genres

Mosac Of Genres - Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

The beautiful thing about Deadpool is that it’s not limited in the tropes and movie genres it offers us. We have action, fantastic comedy, angst and romance, all so well timed and balanced that it’s difficult to be bored.

9. Speaking Of Action And Romance…

The Action And Romance, Among The Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

The makers of the movie paid as much attention to the fighting as they did to the humor, which resulted in dynamic action sequences with brilliant cinematography. Deadpool is definitely one of the most overpowered characters in Marvel, but this is all part of the adrenaline rush gained from rooting for a protagonist who actually manages to kick butt. And seemingly in contrast, the romance is just as well executed. Not at all your typical love story, it’s fun, genuine and likable.

10. Perfect Trailers

The Trailers Conclude The Reasons Behind Deadpool's Success

From the moment the first trailer hit the Internet, we knew that Deadpool was going to be a great movie. Everything lined up: the movie’s tone, the storyline, the look, the feel. New fans and those who were left with a sour taste in their mouths after the horrible representation in X-Men Origins: Wolverine knew that it was a film worth watching. The trailers made it so that they got you pumped up and left wanting more, so no wonder so many people rushed to the cinemas on its opening weekend.

With so many people loving Deadpool, there’s no wonder that the script for the sequel was already being written before the movie even launched. FOX and Marvel seemingly took a risk by producing such a different movie, but fortunately for them, it was incredibly rewarding. With these 10 Reasons Behind Deadpool’s Success in mind, the studios might want to sit down and consider all the opportunities that have been laid ahead of them.

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