Are in charge of a business? Big or small, it doesn’t really matter because Virtual PBX is your best friend when it comes to virtual telephony systems provided through internet. Why should you choose VoIP systems? The answer is very simple, because with the help of this new software you will be able to set up low-cost and easy-to-set-up means for your business. However, choosing a virtual PBX provider can be a daunting task, and there are a few things to consider before making your choice. Here are some of the most frequent questions when it comes to this it.

  1. Do you know what Virtual PBX means?

Before purchasing such a service you must understand what it means and what it offers. Basically PBX is a privately held communication software, and also the term used for a private exchange system that serves businesses. This reliable software can save you a lot of money, because it works over the internet.

  1. What does Virtual PBX offer?

This awesome new technology allows more than one person to be reached from a single number, it can host voice-mails, faxing, conference calling and speed dialing. It is the best choice for small businesses because it is very cheap, and also for big ones because it is easy to manage.

  1. What features should I choose?

Start by making a list of the absolutely necessary services for your operation. Afterward make a list of the less important things, and try to set up a connection according to these requirements. You will see that as your business expands the less important features will become more important. Some less important features are the ones that imply an extra cost, and other ones haven’t even been developed yet.

  1. What equipment will I need?

Depending on the size of your company, one option for virtual PBX would be, a set-up with additional bandwidth or a more reliable internet connection. The best thing about setting up VoIP is that everything you already have installed an be easily customized in order to suit your needs. Keep in mind that certain services have to be payed separately.

  1. Why is PBX better than normal phone lines?

First of all, if you install a regular phone line you will have to pay every call you make. Whether you make a special deal or not it doesn’t matter, because as a company grows, there will be more phone-calls. Because this system is hosted on the internet there will be no additional costs. Moreover, in order to set-up a phone line you will have to install servers and a lot of cables which can be uncomfortable. With virtual PBX everything is easy.

  1. What happens if I am not satisfied with the services?

If you aren’t satisfied with the product you can cancel it according to the cancellation policy. This┬ámeans, that if there are certain requirements that weren’t met by the company, you will be able to cancel without any extra fees, but if everything was done professionally you will have to pay certain fees. This is a small price to pay for such a great product.

  1. What support is Included?

You should do extensive research before purchasing any type of product for your company. In this regard you should know that Virtual PBX providers offer great support to clients. To start it the tech support is excellent, and they offer unlimited support. Moreover, they also provide excellent coverage, and the system will work 98% of the time. Good service and customer service is the first thing you should consider, because if you have a problem and there is nobody there to help you there is no point in installing the product.

  1. What other benefits will I have?

OK, so we’ve already talked about the regular services, and the customer support, but are there any additional benefits we should know about? Yes! Virtual PBX requires no additional hardware, and with a little training or a short tutorial from your provider you will be able to lower your start-up costs. For example, most phone lines offer limited services for call distribution or automatic calls, but with virtual PBX you won’t have any restrictions.

  1. Internet Faxing is Green

With internet Fax you won’t have to use paper anymore, because all the information will be sent over the internet. Forget about all the wasted paper from junk faxes and hundreds of documents. Green-fax supports virtual PBX, because fax machines nowadays consume 200 billion pages, and it is said that with the help of this new system, the trees won’t have to suffer anymore.

  1. What about security?

Like with every phone-line, and fax-line, the messages are encrypted, and your lines will be secure. Also call capacity is more flexible with internet providers. You can call a lot of people simultaneously without worrying about extra costs, because they are only limited to your bandwidth capacity. With a regular phone-line, call capacity is limited to a number of subscriber lines, and this isn’t at all comfortable.