Catwoman Movie

Catwoman is one of the most iconic DC characters, particularly known for her chaotic neutral stance which made us constantly wonder which side she’s truly on. Over the years, she’s become best known for her hot ‘n’ cold relationship with Batman and the spunk she brought into the years. As far as the cinematic world of DC goes, she’s starred in several Batman movies, portrayed by different actresses, but we’ve only gotten one solo Catwoman movie. And that movie was… bad. Really bad.

Catwoman Movie


It was a huge flop on all kinds of levels. It wasn’t even just the fact that the Halle Berry’s Catwoman had nothing to do with the DC character aside from her abilities. The film was an overall mess too, with wonky directing, writing, and storytelling. There’s also that awful costume won by our over-the-top catty and honeyed protagonist. So, with this in mind, it’s pretty much as if a solo Catwoman movie was never even made, okay? Okay. But we need one. Why? Read  ahead.

#1 She Needs Redemption

Those who know and love DC’s Catwoman shuddered at the portrayal given by this movie. Those who don’t were given the fallacious impression that this is all Catwoman is. Either way, there are some perceptions that really need to be changed. After the mess that was 2004’s Catwoman, it’s about time we put it beyond us, just like we did to X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s take on Deadpool when the real deal came to the big screen.

#2 Female Leads Are Becoming A Thing

Hollywood is finally starting to expand its roster of movie leads and comic-book oriented studios aren’t falling behind this growing trend. At this year’s Comic Con, the DCU showcased a trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, which got everyone hyped beyond belief. Also at Comic Con, we received the official announcement that Brie Larson was cast as Carol Danvers in the upcoming solo Captain Marvel movie. The foundation is being laid out, go ahead and walk that path!

#3 A Premiere As A Female Anti-Hero

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel as independent movies are a great thing, but a Catwoman movie would be unique even in this department. The first two are traditional heroes, but Catwoman is an anti-hero. It’s a known fact by now that superhero movies that don’t feature traditional good guys (see Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Suicide Squad) are incredibly popular with fans.

#4 Great Timing For An Introduction

The filmmakers don’t need to just dump a solo Catwoman on us for no reason. She can make a swift transition into her own independent flick by starring in the new Batman solo movie, which features Ben Affleck as the lead. A small cameo would be sufficient to give us a taste of her character, though we recommend for it to be less random than what happened with Wonder Woman in BvS.

#5 Linked Into The DCEU

DC is finally building its own linked-in extended universe, bringing together all of the heroes they’ve spanned across different movies. The DCEU would greatly benefit from a character such as Catwoman, who is known for looking out for her best interests and flocking between sides. She’d be at home at any DC movie, making short and fun cameos.

#6 Upgrade The Costume

We’ve moved beyond the times when Superman would wear a horribly tight cotton costume or when Batman wore questionable breast plates. Many modern superheroes have had their costumes and looks tweaked to look less ridiculous. We love Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway’s takes, but we feel like the costume designers of the post Man of Steel era can do a great job at upgrading her costume.

#7 Give Her Three Dimensions

There’s a lot of emphasis on character development in recent superhero movies, which means that we might be able to get an insight into Catwoman’s character that’s even more in-depth than in the source material. The Dark Knight Rises was a great step forward, all we need to do is follow it.

#8 Accurate Origin Story

We’re really tired of seeing how uncle Ben or Bruce Wayne’s parents are getting killed for the millionth time, but we haven’t actually gotten a Catwoman movie that can dedicate time to her origins. No, the evil cosmetics company and the ancient Egyptian cat gods don’t count.

#9 Catwoman In Gotham!

There were many problems with Catwoman, but the most infuriating had to be how it had no ties with Batman whatsoever. The action wasn’t even set in Gotham. Try picturing Catwoman on some fun robbery adventures in the gloomy setting of Gotham. Oh, yeah.

#10 It’s On Demand

A solo Catwoman movie might not be up on par with a solo Black Widow movie, but DC characters are transitioning to the big screen and she’s one of the most iconic faces of the Batman universe. Needless to say, we don’t know who’d be opposed to seeing the infamous cat burglar portrayed with the respect she deserves on the big screen.