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The Good Wife is still going strong after 6 seasons and that is mainly because of the immense love people have for this show. But the real reason why people love this show is that it’s amazingly good, and it’s amazingly good because of the writers and the wonderful cast. The cast has managed to not change too much, which is surprising for a television show that has been running for 6 years. Today we’re going to take a look at 10 reasons why we love the members of The Good Wife cast.

10. They Work So Well Togetherthe good wife cast 10

The cast of The Good Wife simply clicks. You know how in some television shows the full cast doesn’t spell magic together, even though, as individuals, they are pretty awesome? Well, The Good Wife cast members are great individual actors, but when they converge for the show, they are spectacular together. The interaction between The Good Wife cast members is part of what makes this show great.

9. Will Gardner’s Spunkthe good wife cast will gardner

Will is a ladies’ man and throughout the series, he’s had various girlfriends. He even had a thing with Alicia, but it didn’t work out. To be honest, it couldn’t have worked out and if they had continued their fling, the whole balance of the cast of The Good Wife would have been thrown off balance. Spoiler alert if you’re not up to date with the episodes: we are going to miss Will!

8. The Cast of The Good Wife Like to Stick Togetherthe good wife cast kristin chenoweth

On the day of July 11, 2012, Kristin Chenoweth was hit by a light fixture in the face which knocked her down to the ground. The fall left her unconscious and she suffered a fractured skull. It took her months to recuperate and she said that after the accident she couldn’t even form a single sentence and that she still suffers form pain. She did add that when she woke up she found Josh Charles holding her hand, whom she now calls her angel.

7. Grace and Zach Florrickthe good wife cast zach

Alicia and Peter’s kids are very interesting characters. Zach is super smart and stubborn, and we believe that he’s going to become a lawyer, just like his mother. Younger Grave, though, is very different from both Zach and Alicia. She’s naive and immature and has a hard time making friends. This duo is very well-balanced and we can’t wait to see what happens to these two in the future.

6. Diane Lockhartthe good wife cast Diane Lockhart

Diane is the salt and pepper of the show. We love the fact that she is so liberal and that she is constantly fighting for women’s causes. We share her dislike of violence and guns and think she is a great role model. The cast of The Good Wife is full of independent women, who know what they want from life and are not afraid to reach out and get it.

5. Their Outfitsthe good wife cast outfits

We’re not ashamed to admit that one of the reasons why we love the cast of The Good Wife is the fact that they’re all dressed up and impeccable looking all the time. We know they’re lawyers, but come on, they’re just gorgeous! We particularly love Diane’s necklaces and brooches that add some sophistication to it all.

4. Alan Cumming is a Godthe good wife cast alan cumming

Not everyone may like the way Eli does business, but you can’t deny the fact that his style gets the work done. We love the fact that Eli is rude and blunt and think that he there is a lesson to be learnt from the way he carries himself. Besides, Alan Cumming is great is everything he does and he alone is a reason to watch The Good Wife.

3. Chris Noth’s Magnetism the good wife cast chris noth

That man just exudes magnetism and confidence. Ever since he played the mysterious Mr. Big, ladies all over the world have had a thing for him. Now that he plays Alicia’s husband, he’s become the guy we love to hate. The series started with a huge scandal involving him, but it managed to focus on other things, which we think was a great idea.

2. KALINDAthe good wife cast kalinda

This woman’s name can only be written in capital letters, she’s that amazing. The private investigator is great at her job and she’s saved the team’s behind countless times. We love the fact that she’s a lone wolf, but that she also loves Alicia to death. We still can’t decide who we love more, Kalinda or Alicia. One thing’s for sure, she’s is the type of person whom we would love to drink tequila shots with.

1. Julianna Margulies is Awesomethe good wife cast julianna margulies

She’s been nominated for an Emmy for her role as Alicia Florrick more times than anyone can remember. We hope we nobody feels offended when we say that Julianna was born to play Alicia. Julianna may be a great actress who’s getting the accolades she deserves, but Alicia is a complex and strong character that can teach people a lot. We need more strong, female characters like her on television, so hear us out, Hollywood!

In 2010 Archie Panjabi won an Emmy for her role as Kalinda; in 2011, Julianna Margulies won an Emmy too, and in 2012 and 2014, so did Martha Plimpton and Carrie Preston, respectively.

Our favorite The Good Wife season is season 2. What is your favorite?