When you’re invited to meet your girlfriend’s parents, you must acknowledge how big that is. It’s a huge step in your relationship and it pretty much says that you’re going into serious relationship territory. We’ve talked about the rules for meeting his mom and now it’s time to let you in on the rules for meeting her father, the dreaded father, who is most movies is presented as being an evil creature with a shotgun, ready to push the trigger if anything or anyone threatens to upset his daughter. Worry not, nothing will happen to you if you follow these 10 simple rules. Here goes!

10. Bond with Siblings


Why is this a rule for meeting her father? Because if you’re nice and you bond with her siblings, her father will get to see that you’re not just interested in jumping his daughter’s bones and that you’re a nice guy that other people whom he loves like you. Bottom line: if you bond with her brother or sister, then you’re a nice guy and fathers like nice guys.

9. Dress Accordingly


We’re not saying that you should suit up for when meeting her parents, we’re merely saying that it should be obvious that you made an effort when putting on your clothes in the morning. People appreciate when other people make an effort for them. Choose something that won’t make you look like a stuck up dude, but don’t get too relaxed about it either (needless to say that flip flops are a big no no). Go for jeans and a nice shirt – a pretty neutral and harmless choice.

8. Have an Exit Strategy


Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst… and having an exit strategy is paramount. Let’s say that things didn’t as well as you had hoped, then you should have a way to extract yourself from that situation without appearing to be thoughtless. Our best tip is that once you meet the father, you should get the feel of the whole situation, the first 10 minutes you spend with him. If you sense that things aren’t going to go well, then say from the start that you’re sorry, but you have an appointment and you can’t stay for too long.

7. Prepare Ahead


Approach meeting her father like you would an interview. You would never go to an interview without being at least a bit prepared. Just the basis questions, like what you do for a living, are you a republican or a democrat, what are your thoughts on guns and where do you see yourself in five years. Having prepared answers will help you take the edge off the whole interview-like situation.

6. Be Polite


We know this one is a no-brainer, but we thought we should put this one on our list, just because it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that one should be polite. It really is something parents appreciate in young people. Let’s say you know you have a liking towards swear words, then make an effort control yourself and remember to say thank you!

5. Appear Interested


To be honest, you should be interested in the subject discussed at the table. If there’s something that bores you, be polite and at least appear interested. Faking something like this doesn’t take a lot of talent and it will help you plenty with her parents.

4. Bring a Gift


Do not come to her parent’s house for the first time empty-handed. This is probably the biggest mistakes people do! Were you raised by wolves?! Get a nice bottle of wine (if you’re of legal age, of course), some chocolates for her mother, flowers or a potted plant. It doesn’t have to be something expensive (actually it really shouldn’t be something expensive; if it is then you’re going to appear too eager to please), just something that says, I made an effort for you guys to like me.

3. Tone Down the PDA


Public display of affection is for horny teenagers. If you are a horny teenager and you’re going to meet her father, hold your hands to yourself. At most, hold her hand or touch her shoulder. Do not kiss her, grab her, or even worse, pinch her behind. Her father doesn’t need to see that, because as soon as he does, he’ll automatically think of you and his little daughter doing the deed. And then he’ll automatically dislike you for eternity.

2. Offer to Help Out


You don’t like doing the dishes, that’s fine, most people don’t. But when you’re at her house, you love doing the dishes, it’s actually your favorite thing in the world! Help out to show her parents that you’re not a lazy bum who likes to be waited on and can’t wash his own plate. Most likely your offer will be declined.

1. Be Honest


Honesty really is the best policy. Sugar coating some things is OK, but if your principles don’t go well with her parents, then maybe that’s meant to be. Don’t tell them what you think they would like to hear, because eventually the truth will come out. It always does.

How did you feel when meeting her father? How was it? Do you have any funny stories that happened to you or your friends that you would like to share with us? We’d love to hear them, drop us a line in the comment section below and let’s share a smile together.