Whether you’re addicted to sex, alcohol, drugs or delicious cupcakes (and no, we’re not kidding one bit), addiction is a horrible disease that millions of people battle on a daily basis. Many people today tend to glamorize addiction, but any self-respecting doctor will tell you that there is nothing glamorous about it and it’s a hell to kick! We’ve got 10 signs and symptoms of addiction for you, so that if you think you may a problem with it, then you can use this list to help you get an idea of how addiction manifests itself. If you read this list and think to yourself yep, that’s me then we urge you to go see a doctor. Addiction is not a joke, it is a serious illness.

10. Excess Consumption


We can almost say that there is no addiction without excess. In some addictions, such as drugs, nicotine, alcohol, food or sex, the person consumes the thing they’re addicted to in excess. To quote the modern philosopher Mick Jagger they can’t get no satisfaction. The effects of excess consumption can range from physical, pain or blackouts and physiological.

9. Dropping Activities

withdrawal from society

When the addiction start growing, the person might give up any activities that used to offer them pleasure. They no longer want or need pleasure from anywhere else, except from their vice. If you’ve given up on things that used to bring you joy, just to allow more time for your addiction, then you may have a serious problem.

8. Taking Risks


Taking risks is something an addict does very often. It’s either to obtain money to sustain their addiction or when they are under the influence of a substance or alcohol they will act recklessly and not care about their health or the people around them. Have you ever been in such a situation?

7. Having Stashes


Who hasn’t had a stash of something in their lives? I mean, we all hide a little cupcake or a cigarette, now and then, but when this becomes a habit, then it also becomes a problem. If you hide your drugs, alcohol or food on a regular basis from people in places that you’ve established as hiding locations, then you might have an issue.

6. Financial Issues


In order to sustain an addiction, you need finances, because it’s one of the most expensive habits in the world. Even an addiction such as smoking has become increasingly expensive in some parts of Europe and the UK and US. If you’re addicted to drugs, sex or food, then you will spend all of your income on your addiction.

5. Secrecy and Solitude


Most people with addictions will hide them from their friends and family for fear of being judged. If the addiction occupies a large part of the individual’s life, then it causes them to spend most of their time alone, thus leading to solitude, which worsens the condition. Solitude and secrecy are one of the most important signs and symptoms of addiction.

4. Denial


The majority of the people who are addicted to a substance are in denial about it. They either refuse to admit that they have a problem, or they genuinely don’t think they have one. Let’s take for example an alcoholic: they’ve lost the notion of what it means to have a drink. For them, it’s normal to drink the amount they’re drinking. It’s only when they come into contact with people who don’t consume what they do, that they might begin to process that they have a problem.

3. Sacrifices


Whether it’s social or recreational, sacrifices are a reality in the life of an addict. They will almost always choose their addiction over anything else. If you’ve been put in the position to choose between your addiction and your friends, for example, and you’ve chosen your addiction, you should seek help.

2. Obsession


An addiction will also become an obsession. The person addicted will spend time and energy trying to get more of the substance. They’ll make elaborate plans and dedicate almost all of their free time to it. Obsessing over addiction is something that could only have negative implications.

1. Withdrawal Symptoms

withdrawal pain

If you haven’t had your fix in a little while and you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms, then you are addicted and you should go and seek help. Some symptoms include: poor focus, depression, anger, cravings, moodiness and shivering.

What did you think of these signs and symptoms of addiction? Did any of these fit? Do you have any thoughts on addiction you would like to share with us? If you do, drop us a line in the comment section below.