Musicians are indeed creative people, from the sounds they compose to the lyrics they made history with. But their imagination doesn’t stop either when it comes to naming their band. There are fabulous brands now that may have sound weird or silly in the past and now sell millions of albums just because they call themselves Pink Floyd, Aerosmith or Kings of Leon, but other music bands went just a little too far when choosing a name to make them famous. So let’s take a look at some music bands “business cards” and decide whether their names are silly. Don’t make any mistakes, these bands are famous for at least one reason.

1. Butthole Surfers

If this sounds to you like a gay porn movie clip, think again. This band plays since the 80′ and they promote a mixed genre of punk, noise, punk rock and electronica and  Still, they should have chosen a better name.


2. Puddle of Mudd

Famous American band, a classic actually in the mainstream rock genre, they sold over 7 million albums in their career and made it to the number one charts on countless occasions. Why puddle and why mudd?As the story goes, in the beginnings, the Missouri River flood practically invaded  the band’s rehearsal space, leaving behind only a puddle of mud. Hence, inspiration, hence, legend.



3. Limp Bizkit

No need for further introductions, as they are considered the masters of nu metal. Their name has an interesting marketing strategy behind, which proved itself quite efficient. Frank Durst admitted that “the name is there to turn people’s heads away. A lot of people pick up the disc and go, ‘Limp Bizkit. Oh, they must suck.’ Those are the people that we don’t even want listening to our music.” band_names

4. Pussy Galore 

People say that if you search for this band online, a lot of porn will pop up instantly in your face. It is true. Still, this band resisted only five years, playing garage rock, being constantly under some substance influence and picking up their name from a James Bond movie character.


5. The Presidents of the United States of America

Who said the Founding Fathers only inspired patriotism and respect for the country’s values and morals? They inspired alternative rock too, and some of the good stuff, nonetheless. This band was twice nominated for an Grammy award and is commonly referred to as Pot USA (pot, seriously?) PUSA or The Presidents. Silly, but as their ancestors before them, these guys made history in music as well.


6. Revolting Cocks

What’s with all the sex-related names, nowadays? What, Guns and Roses was too soft? Just kidding. This American – Belgian industrial rock band began playing in mid 80′, while picking up their name quite randomly, after getting involved in a bar fight. The story says that the bouncer who threw the band members out told them they were only “bunch of revolting cocks”.


7. Hoobastank

We can’t even begin to give you an explanation for what “hoobastank” means. It’s sexual, that’s all we can say. Still, we can say that this band has not only a solid career, but also a name (brrr…), a fame and a fortune. And just like any other rock band, a reputation.


8. Panic! at the Disco

And yet, they are not a disco band. But a rock band and a new one, nonetheless, having the incredible opportunity to become a classic while still performing. A single from their first album made it so big, the album was certified double platinum. Panic? Nothing to worry about, the four band members are doing just fine.


9. Mr. Mister

Now that’s brilliantly creative. Who wouldn’t remember this name? It’s not like this band was called Mr. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! But seriously, Mr. Mister comes from an inside joke between the band members and the band was quite hip in the mid 80′, being associated with the general punk rock sound that conquered America in those good old times.


10. Mott the Hoople

Silly name? David Bowie was behind this band. They dominated the British glam rock era in the first half of the 70’s and now it is just a name surrounded by a legend.