Are near death experience stories real, pure creations of our imagination or maybe dreams? It possible that we will never know, but even so, you have to know what the people who claimed living a near death experience have to say about it. The next stories are not for the weak hearted.
All of the people who claimed of going trough near death experiences, have stated feeling that they were floating above their earthly body and had an immense feeling of love, happiness and peace. But not all of them were described it in a positive manner.

Some people, arrived in Hell, where they felt the greatest fear ever and the bitter feeling of hopelessness. Some have claimed even having been attacked by hideous demons. Even though, many of the people working in the scientific field are not fully convinced about the validity of these stories, there are others who believed that this is the ultimate proof that life after death exists and shows what happens after we die.

This is a fascinating subject that has been haunting humanity for thousands of years. Near death experiences are not something new, and it has been related about their existence for thousands of years, from Plato to Hemingway.

 Robin Michelle Halberdier


Robin Michelle Halberdier’s near death experience emphasizes on the fact that near death experiences are something that give you an enormous feeling of love. Her experience happened when she was almost two months old. She was a baby that was born prematurely and she was diagnosed with the Hyaline Membrane.Doctors did not give her any chances of survival.

She recalls, opening her eyes and looking at a bright light, and it felt like she was looking at the sun. She felt that she was floating and heading towards the light and felt that the bright light covered her in love and warmth. In the light, there was someone looking like a human, but she couldn’t remember how it looked like, but it felt to be a male. She felt as if the light was coming from that entity and he was surrounded by rays of light.

That person gave her an immense feeling of protection and love. She was told telepathically that her place was not there and that she had to return as it was not her time. Robin wanted to stay and keep feeling that love but the entity told her again to return as she had to fulfil her purpose on Earth.

When she was old enough to talk, Robin told her parents about what happened to her. She told them that she remembered about the glass box she was held after she was born(she was referring to the incubator) and about her encounter and conversation with the entity in the light. When she was around five years old, she started going to church and when she saw the pictures of Jesus, she told her parents that he was the entity she encountered in the light.

 Elisabeth Taylor


Beauty icon Elisabeth Taylor claimed that she is among the people who had a near death experience. In an interview, she talked about what happened while she was clinically dead. The actress said that her near death experience happened during a surgery. She said that she remembers a tunnel of light and after passing it, she encountered her dead husband, Michael Todd, who died in a plane crash and whom she stated that has been the lover of her life.

She wanted to remain there with him and never leave, but he told her that she has to go on with living and sent her back. When she returned to the operating room, she saw the eleven persons that were there and she was told that she had been dead for almost five minutes and they had declared her dead. When she told her friends about her near death experience, she realized that it sounded surreal and she decided to stop telling people about it.

Betty Eadie


Betty Eadie, underwent in November 1973, a medical surgery, after which her spirit rose out of her body and went trough a tunnel and reached heaven. She claimed that she was lead by three monk like entities, who told her that were her guardian angels and that she had  died prematurely.
Betty said that she saw a point of light from a distance. The black mass around her transformed into a tunnel and she felt as if she was traveling trough it at a very high speed, rushing towards the light. Her instinct told her to reach the light and she felt very attracted by it. As she was approaching the light, she saw a man in the light, and around him the light was brighter. She knew exactly who that man was, she knew that he was God.The figure in the light was Jesus Christ who had always loved her even when she felt that he hated her.

 Ben Breedlove


When he was 18, Ben, started to post on YouTube, videos in which he was telling stories  about his rare heart disease. The videos went viral immediately, and attracted million of viewers. In one of the videos, he related about being taken by nurses, down a hallway and taken to surgery. Then he saw a bright and peaceful light, close to the ceiling.

He was four years old, when this happened. The hall way was very dark and his eyes were pointed towards  the bright light, and  he couldn’t take his eyes of it and kept smiling. He felt at peace, and worry free. Several other similar experiences have happened to him, one of which includes an incident when he fainted at school.

He related, that while being unconscious, he was in a white room with no walls. There were no sounds, but only that same peaceful feeling. He was dressed in a very fancy suit and so was his favorite rapper, Kid Kudi. He, then looked in the mirror and felt proud of himself, of his entire life, and of everything he had done.The feeling was so good that he wished he stayed there for ever.

The video posted by Ben, got the attention of rapper Kid Kudi, who apparently was impressed to tears by the videos of Ben. He stated that Ben had touched his heart in a way that cannot be described and this type of feedback gives him the power and inspiration to go on with his music.

A week after Ben posted the video, on Christmas day, in 2011, he died because of a heart attack. A family friend stated, that even though the pain was immense, they were glad that Ben was at peace with everything that was going to happen after death.
The last index cards filmed by Ben on Youtube said: “Do you believe in angels or God? I do.”

Jane Seymour


Another celebrity that claims she had a near death experience is actress Jane Seymour, whom we all know best from the famous series Dr. Queen. When she had the age of 36 years old, Jane had caught a serious flu virus and the doctors gave her a penicillin injection. The actress had an allergic reaction to the medicine and that was the moment the near death experience happened.

She states that felt felt how she rose from her body and saw herself laying on the bed with people around her. She saw how the medical staff was trying to bring her back to life, and she was looking at the from above. Jane claimed that all her life flashed before her eyes. Her biggest worry was to manage to come back to life as she didn’t want to die because her kids would remain alone.

After having that thought she remembers God appearing to her.She told him that if he would let her to live she promises that she would show him the respect he deserves. She was dead for about 30 seconds and she recall her strong determination of surviving and defeating death

Plato’s near death experience story


This near death experience story has to be the oldest one ever told and the author of it is Plato, the known Greek philosopher. In ancient times, around the year 380 BC, he wrote about a happening in one of the books he included in his infamous work called Republic. The writing is called the Myth of Er, and the translation of the word “myth”, in this situation stands for “word”.

In the story, a man with the name of Er, dies during a battle. After the passing of ten days, the dead bodies of the people who had died were gathered and they realized that the body of Er was still intact. After two days, Er comes back to life and tells the people about his journey in the other world.  The story has a moral, and that is that, people with morality are compensated while people who lack morality are punished after they die.

Don Piper


After a pastor’s conference from January 1989, Don Piper, was driving back home, when he was run into, head on, by tractor, that crossed the centre line of the road and had a near death experience. He claimed that he immediately arrived in heaven where he was among all his friends and relatives who had passed away.

The gate from heaven was magnificent. Don Piper stated that behind the gate was a light so bright that for a human was impossible to look at, as the incredible light would hurt your eyes. While his body was laying in the crushed vehicle on the bridge, a pastor stopped and started praying for him.

The paramedics team, told the pastor that Don was dead. But the pastor’s praying seem to have instantly brought him back to life, as he opened his eyes and found himself back in the vehicle. Medical experts, revealed that even though he had suffered no serious head trauma, almost every bone is his body had been broken.

Ernest Hemingway

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Yes, the world’s famous author has went trough a near death experience, but less intense than the others already mentioned. In the first World War, the novelist was wounded while he was fighting in Italy. After he recovered he sent a letter to his family telling them what happened. He told them, that death is such an easy process as he knews how it felt. After a few years, he confessed to one of his friends about his near death experience.

He told him how a bomb exploded in front of him and that in that moment he died. He felt his spirit leaving his body as if someone was pulling it out. It floated around for a while, and after that it reentered his body and he came back to life.

It seems that after this experience Hemingway has never been the same and his approach in death had changed completely. In his novel called A Farewell to Arms, the character he has created goes trough a similar near death experience.

 Crystal McVea


Crystal McVea is another human who claims that she met God during a near death experience. In 2009, a woman from Oklahoma called Crystal McVea, went to the hospital for a simple medical procedure. She stopped breathing on the operating table. After which she stated that she had traveled to heaven, which re-gave her faith in God after she met him while being in clinical death.

She described God as an enormous brightness, the type that could be tasted, touched, felt, heard and smelled, and remembered that while she was in heaven, she had 500 senses, 100 more than humans have. When being in front of God and the angels, she kneed down in front of him and said that before that she was kind of doubting his existence.

Apparently God asked her two times if she wanted to return to Earth and she refused both times, because she felt too good and wanted to remain there. In spite her desire of staying, God told her to go back, but not before of setting her free of her shame and guilt.

Robert Pastorelli

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Robert Pastorelly has become famous after his role in the TV series Murphy Brown and is one of the celebrities who stated that they went trough a near death experience. When he was 19 years old, he was in a severe car accident after which he had a near death experience that changed his life entirely and the way he was thinking.

The car he was in, was hit in the driver’s door and the impact was so powerful that his shoes flew out of his feet. His car rolled four times and the last thing he remembers is that he found himself in the hospital with a perforated lung.All his ribs had been broken, and most of his internal organs had suffered serious damage. He recalls that the pain was unbearable, but at one point it had all vanished.

He realised that he was floating above his human body and was looking at his body laying on the hospital bed.He was aware that he was dyeing. What he felt, was a feeling of peace he had never felt before. He saw his father in the room, who fainted as he couldn’t handle the fact that his son had died.

Seeing his father’s situation made him want to come back to life. In an instant, he woke up in his body in the hospital and told his father everything he saw. His father was completely amazed and couldn’t believe it.

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