The vitalizing effect of coffee was likely discovered first in Northeast Ethiopia; the cultivation process began in Southern Arabia. What we know for sure is that coffee drinks first appeared sometime in the middle of the 15th century in Yemen. From there on, coffee usage quickly spread across the world, “taking over” countries like India, Italy, Indonesia, America, and the rest of Europe. Another interesting fact is that the first reference to “coffee” in English dates back to 1598 and was named chaoua. There are various ways to process coffee beans. One way to obtain coffee is by using espresso machines. Angelo Moriondo of Turin (Italy) was the first to build and patent such a device. He showed it at the Turin General Exposition in 1884. With that said, let’s make a list of the best small espresso machines!

10. Espressivo



We begin our list of ten small espresso machines with the Espressivo coffee machine featuring a 1.5 liter removable tank, froth nozzle, stainless steel along with a cast metal body, three coffee options – single and dual serve, and ESE pod, etc.

9. DeLonghi EC5 Espresso Machine



This is the DeLonghi espresso maker – a superior product that bring the taste of coffee to the max as it encapsulates all the essential features to make a great espresso. It features a swivel jet frothier to make the best milk froth you’ve ever tasted, two-cup adapter, and a 8.5-ounce heat resistant glass container.

8. DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco



We continue with yet another DeLonghi product, the Nabucco espresso machine, an excellent hybrid between a coffee machine and an espresso maker. In addition to all its features we mention the various safety systems, warming plate, heating functions, removable reservoir, etc.

7. Nespresso CitiZ & Milk



The Nespresso CitiZ & Milk, as advanced as it looks, it’s really easy to use, letting you make the greatest drinks in no time and without being a professional. It includes 12 nespresso coffee pods, 19 bar high-pressure pump, a thermoblock water heating system, Aerocinno milk frothier, and more.

6. KitchenAid Espresso Machine



We continue our list with KitchenAid ProLine – the ideal machine for home use. Apart from its sleek design, the machine needs no repairs to work at its optimum performance. Moreover, it features two independent boilers that allow a continuous flow of steam, while also monitoring the heat so you can serve a creamy drink at the perfect temperature.

5. OTTO Espresso Maker



Our next choice in the list of small espresso machines is the elegant Otto Espresso Maker coated in shiny chrome. It doesn’t just look great, it is! The matching chrome mug adds a finishing touch to the whole product. However, keeping this one shine may be tricky.

4. DeLonghi Icona



This stylish DeLonghi product is called Icona and features a professional 15 bar pump pressure, stainless steel and frothing arm, cup warmer, removable tray, a professional 2-in-1 filter, built-in tamper and cream device, and 3 buttons for easy operation.

3. Krups Dolce Gusto



The Krups Dolce Gusto is a really smart machine as it makes use of capsules for hot and cold coffee specialties. It features a 15 bar pump pressure, thermoblock and 1.5 liter tank, can create eleven different drinks, a magnetic stainless capsule holder, LED for On and Off, etc.

2. Magimix 11407



Everything you need from a coffee machine and an espresso maker is found within the Magimix 11407. Amongst its many features, we mention the integrated coffee grinder, pod system, cup warming plate, three levels of temperature, removable drip tray and grid, extra-cream system, and so forth.

1. Rancilio Silvia



Our last product and number one in the list of ten small espresso machines is the Italian made Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. It features a 300ml brass boiler, stainless steel body along with iron support frame, and much more. More about it can be read on the producer’s website.