WordPress is one of the most used publishing platforms, with an intuitive CMS, great plugins and thousands of free or commercial themes. The 3.0 version should have been released on May 1, 2010, but the developing team is still working on fixing some bugs, so the big lunch is expected to occur in the next week or maybe in the first days of June. You can read about the new features on Six Revisions!

We have tried to find the best options for social bookmarking and you can download the one that fits perfectly with your design or your needs. We use SocioFluid 🙂

SocioFluid integrates the most popular bookmarking sites in a cool plugin shown everywhere you like. You just have to select some sites, generate a script and copy that script in your single_post.php. You’ll have a nice Mac like effect at mouseover! Download

Sociable works fine and adds social media buttons above your content or in the bottom of it. Download

Share makes spreading your content easy as pie. They say it and we believe them 🙂 You’ll get a nice share button that will show the options in an attractive pop-up. Download

SexyBookmarks is… well… sexy. It has an awesome design, with a nice effect on mouseover. Download

Digg Digg includes major bookmarking sites and other functions, like post comments. Download

ShareThis adds a button and works like Share (see above), but with a different layout. Download

I Love Social Bookmarking plugin contains a clutter-free drop-down list of attractive icons. Download

Bookmarkify includes over 50 social bookmark sites including an “Email This” link! Download

Gregarious is the ultimate social bookmarking plugin for WordPress. This is it. Period. No more words. Seriously, it’s a nice plugin but not really the best. Download

SociBook lets you choose the order of your favorite bookmarking sites and also you can put your own icons. Download