Ah, beer! That heavenly drink that brings us joy! How can one not like beer? We all have that one memory, the first time we tasted beer. Do you remember if you liked it? Almost everyone who tastes beer for the first time says it’s bitter and that’s alright. It’s also quite false, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt as we’ve all been young once. Now, everybody’s got their own reasons for loving beer, and we here at 10Awesome.com love beer. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! We thought up 10 good reasons why we love beer and we would like to share them with you. We’re also quite interested in finding out the reasons why you love beer, so drop us a line or simply leave us a comment.

10. Everyone’s Prettier with Beer


The slogan may be harsh, but it’s also very funny! Please drink responsibly and don’t go wild, but also don’t hold back too much. Try to find that nice comfort zone when you’re feeling just right in the mood for having fun, but remember that beer goggles can be quite dangerous.

9. It Hydrates Our Bodies


I mean if you must drink so many liquids to keep your body hydrated, why not drink some beer besides water? It’s good and although alcohol tends to be a little dehydrating, no worries, you can wash down a beer and you’re once again nice, plump and hydrated.

8. Pensive Much?


Isn’t it nice when people have a little too much to drink and all of a sudden get the urge to contemplate the meaning or life and… all that? But seriously now, some of the best ideas come from having a couple of fosters in the evening.

7. The Deep Love We Have for People


This is one of the reasons people love beer so much. After a few beers, people are nicer to people and they seem to love them more. We’ve all been there, confessing our deep love for a friend, telling them how much they mean to us and getting all weepy over how much they mean to us.

6. It Brings People Together


If there’s one thing beer does, that is bringing people together. One of the nicest things out there is finishing work and meeting up with your friends at the bar to have a couple of cold ones. The first sip of beer after a hard day’s work is simply magical.

5. It Can be Your Therapist…


The expression crying in your beer has an ounce of truth to it. Your feelings seem to just shoot out of you after some Buds. But you have to know when to stop otherwise you could just turn out to be a hot mess and nobody likes to witness that, do they?

4. … or the Reason You Need Therapy


It’s easy to cross the line when drinking and once that happens things can go downhill quite fast. So be a good sport and drink responsibly! It’s not just a slogan, but something to live by. Beer is supposed to be fun, don’t let it ruin your night by indulging too much.

3. It Makes Any Party Better


A party without beer is like a bird without wings. Call it an exaggeration, but we think it’s quite accurate. Wine is great, whiskey is damn good, but beer is the king of all kings. Stock up on your fosters gold and have a party!

2. It’s the Best Long Haul Drink


Whiskey can cut you down in a couple of hours if you’re not careful. But beer can fuel you throughout the night and give you the energy you need to party and have fun. But be careful and not mix things up. Take it from us, tequila and beer don’t really mix too well.

1. Because It’s Good, That’s Why!


Oh, for crying out loud we don’t need reasons to love beer, we just do! Because it’s awesome. Now, turn off your computer, go to the fridge, open one up and enjoy it! Remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin Beer is proof God exists and wants us to be happy!