Did you ever remain stuck in weird places until someone found you?  These trapped people lived to tell the story of their accidents and they seem funny as we read them, but they could have ended in disaster, if it wasn’t for their rescuers. From a tub to a cable car and from a toilet seat to a prison, these are the craziest places where a human could remain trapped. Enjoy reading and feel free to share your own experiences and stories!

1. The man who got stuck to the toilet seat



According to Washington post, a man got stuck to a toilet seat in Wal-Mart, after someone spread glue on it.  The pour man was taken out by the emergency service with the seat still attached to his butt. The prank was pretty serious, as the seat was not easy to remove, even at the emergency room.

2.  The thief who got stuck in a ventilation duct



This unfortunate guy was trapped in the ventilation duct of the pizza shop he was trying to rob. The police had a hard time rescuing him from the tight duct, and he was pretty scared, both by the weird situation he got himself into and by the police, most probably. This thief has a long history in burglaries and was condemned 5 times until now for his crimes. Maybe his last misadventure will make him choose another career!

3. A German guy was trapped in a women’s prison

3. behind bars


The poor man was trying to find a shortcut to the park when he entered a courtyard and a metal door suddenly closed behind him. His cries for help were heard by the mayor  who was passing by and called the police. However, they were skeptical, thinking that someone might be trying to escape from prison and that the caller was an accomplice. It was only after recognizing the mayor that the German guy was “released from prison”. The officials said that this was nothing but a funny event and no one should be blamed for it.

4. Legs sticking up from a drain

legs coming out from drain


Jared Medeiros wanted to recover his wallet but fell, head first into a drain. The police was called to rescue him after his legs were seen coming out from the hole. Here is the official statement of the officers who arrived at the place of the incident: “”The officers arrived and discovered two legs kicking outside of a manhole.”  Simply hilarious…

5.  16 people trapped upside down in a Roller Coaster

5. upside down


This incident is hilarious if it doesn’t happen to be one of the victims! Imagine how it could be to find yourself trapped, upside down for 30 minutes several meters above the ground. This is what happened to the 16 tourists who were visiting an amusement park in China. The whole situation was produced by a power breakdown and the tourists were brought back to earth a little dizzy, but not injured.

6.  An old lady stuck in the bathroom for 3 weeks



The poor French woman was trapped in her own bathroom, in Paris, after her door lock broke and she was only rescued 3 weeks later, by the firefighters. They were called by an attentive neighbor who noticed that she hadn’t picked her mail since a long while. She amazingly survived by drinking water from the sink, but she was, as you can imagine, in a very poor shape. The lady had banged in the pipes so that her neighbors could hear her, but they thought that the sound comes from nosy workmen and they even filed a petition, asking them to stop.

7.  20 people got stuck in a cable car

7. cable car


Not long ago, on 13 August 2011, 20 tourists got stuck in a cable car, in the Alps. These unfortunate people remained suspended 100 meters above the ground for an entire night, before they could be rescued. The trapped tourists were provided with food and clothing, but this did not comfort them much, as you can imagine. The youngest prisoner of the cable car was only 4 years old, while the age of the eldest was of 75.

8. The wheelchair of a man got stuck to a truck

8.stuck in wheelchair


Ben Carpenter (age 21) started to cross an intersection somewhere in Detroit, when the light turned green for the semitrailer which started moving and caught the handlers of the wheelchair in its grill. The young man thought he would die during the ride, but fortunately, few policemen who saw the peculiar scene of a man in a wheelchair being dragged by a truck and pulled the vehicle over.

9. A Chinese man got stuck in river mud

8.stuck in wheelchair


The main character of this story is Xiao Chen, a 25 years old man who had the bad idea of trying to swim in the Chan Jiang River (in China). Things did not go as planned and the man got stuck into mud. Although he had his cell phone with him, he remained trapped for 4 hours, as he was too embarrassed to call for help and tried to get out of the mud himself. He finally gave up and asked for help and was freed after 7 hours of struggle. His fear of being made fun of was not without a reason though, since here he is, on the internet!

10.  A woman got stuck in the tub for 30 hours

10. stuck


Anne Cullen bought a walk-in tub for persons with disabilities and spent 12,000$ for it only to fell down and get stuck in the front of the of the tub while she was using it for the second time. Not only was she trapped for 30 hours, but the chain of the drain plug broke when she tried to pull it and Anne Cullen was forced to remain in water for the entire 30 hours. Her torture ended when her daughter found her unconscious and called the emergency service.

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