As a result of the impact that the hurricane Irene had on media and of all the panic it created, you might want to know what to do in case a super storm, a hurricane or a cyclone hits your area. There is nothig wiser than preparing yourself properly and making sure that you, your family, your home and your values are safe from danger. It may seem that you are helpless, but this is not right: there are plenty of things to do. Making a list of “things to do during a hurricane” and then checking all the points on it will not only prove of inestimable value when the storm strikes, but will also keep you mentally strong and alert. A prepared person is more unlikely to panic and will know how to react. Don’t worry, we made the list for you. Now, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1.  Prepare your escape

Be ready to leave your home! Find a relative, or a friend who lives far from danger an may  offer you shelter for a as long as it takes. Make sure you have some money saved for this kind of situation that your kids are prepared psychically  (so that they might not panic) and that your home is secured before you leave.

2. Supplies, of course!

2. supplies

It is needless to say that you should store food (non-perishable) and water for several days. What’s more, you must make sure you have a stock of such supplies as batteries, matches, candles, as well as barrels and bins. This surviving gear is absolutely necessary for everyone, not only those people who have reasons to fear hurricanes. You never know when an earthquake, for example, might take place, so having batteries, candles, matches, as well as canned food in your home all the time is very wise.

3. Protect your values


Make sure that all your documents are in a safe place. The best thing you can do is make copies after the papers that are of any value to you. Protect the information on your PC by buying yourself a storage unit and make sure you keep it in a safe place. Also, make sure that your insurance policy is covering the kind of damage that may be produced by an hurricane!

4. Buy yourself a radio

4. radio

When all other means of communication are gone, the radio is a way of keeping in touch with the world. Make sure you have one that functions with batteries and that you have the type of batteries required for your radio. Don’t ignore it- in case of need, you will be sorry you did not buy one!

5.  Make your home a safe place for you and your family


When a hurricane was announced, start preparations in time: Bring inside all the things that might be destroyed or taken away by wind, protect the windows using plywood and make sure that  no tree may fall on your house, by trimming everything that might be dangerous-branches or trees-or by paying someone to do so. Also, you will want to be certain that your car is protected, so be careful where you park it.

6.  Make sure you know where the hurricane shelters are located

6. hurricane shelter

What else could be said here? It is very important to know where your local shelters are, so that you might go directly there if the situation looks bad. Also, a hurricane shelter might look very welcoming if power, gas and/or water are cut…

7.  Water, water, water

water suply

Store water, and do not misjudge the quantity you need. Make sure you have enough for bathing, washing stuff, drinking and cooking. When lacking, water becomes the most important item on your survival list. Thus, before the hurricane starts, store as much water as you can, both for washing and for drinking!

8.  Don’t try to act as a hero


…because you are NOT a hero. During the hurricane, stay inside and ignore your curiosity, your thirst for adrenaline, your adventurous spirit or any other feeling that might push you to open that door and step outside. You wouldn’t like to be the one increasing death tolls, would you?

9. Watch your steps


Watch out for downed power lines! Right after the hurricane (or any powerful storm), check surroundings for power lines that were downed by the wind. They are extremely dangerous, especially when they are in the water so be very careful! Only when you are sure that the area is safe, you may drive away, or go outside to check the destruction.

10. Help others


When it seems safe for you to go out, check if your neighbors are ok, if they need anything or if they were not hurt. You may join your local rescue teams or offer a hand to those neighbors who have problems,  help cleaning the area or share  supplies. Now it is the right time to be a hero!



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