This weather is killing us, day by day. Instead of daydreaming about summer and all the wonderful things you will do when it comes, you can wake up and try to enjoy the snow. We know it’s not that easy when you get outside and every bit of your face freezes, but you can choose to stay in. What to do if you’re snowed in? We’ve got just the thing: read our list and maybe you’ll find something to pass the time and help you forget about the terrible weather outside.

10. Research Snow


Do you have any idea how amazing snow is?! And how beautiful snowflakes are? Do a simple good search about facts about snow and you’ll most likely spend at least an hour marveling at random facts about snow. You can even open your window and look at snowflakes through a magnifier glass and try to take a few photos.

9. Board Games Keep Boredom Away


Board games are the easiest way to keep boredom away and have fun indoors. We recommend games such as Monopoly, Dixit or Scrabble. Everybody knows how to play them and if they don’t, they have few rules that are easy to learn. Time will surely fly and you’ll forget about the weather in no time!

8. Call Your Friends


Have a hot shower, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, tuck yourself into bed and start dialing. Most likely your friends are also doing nothing, because of the awful weather and they’d love to hear from you. Why don’t you take advantage of all the time you’ve got on your hands and call that friend of yours whom you haven’t talked to in ages? You’ll find yourself talking for hours, catching up.

7. Enjoy a Glass of Fine Wine


No, we’re not suggesting you get plastered, although that’s not such a bad idea in this weather! Instead of drinking yourself numb, you can open that bottle of wine or champagne you’ve been saving for a special occasion. What?! Getting snowed in is a special occasion! If you’ve got someone to share it with, that’s great!

6. Clean Your House


This tip is for those people who simply can’t seem to start anything unless their house is clean, You know, the clean freaks that most people don’t understand. Even if you’re not a clean freak, you will definitely thank yourself later for doing it. Besides, what else can you do when you’re snowed in? So, grab your gloves and brush and start cleaning behind your stove, because I’m sure you can’t remember the last time you did it!

5. Work


You’re snowed in, so you’re probably working from home and that is exactly what you should be doing! Working! Don’t slack off just because you think that everybody else in your office is doing the same thing. Sure, you can take a quick nap at noon, but get back to work as soon as you wake up! You’ve got the time and nobody’s going to disturb you – everything’s perfect for you to work.

4. Organize Your Computer


You’ve always wanted to organize your desktop and your files, but this is just that thing that you simply don’t have any time to do. Now that you’re snowed in, you can start going through old files and see what you need to keep and what to discard. You’ll make room for new things and you’ll get to browse through old memories.

3. Read a Book


What to do if you’re snowed in? Read a book that you’ve always wanted to read. Have a glass of wine near, get your favorite blanket and sit next to a window to get some natural light. A cold winter’s day is perfect for snuggling up with a book! If you don’t know what to read, here is a list of the 100 best books of all time.

2. Catch Up on Your Favorite TV Shows


There must be a few How I Met Your Mother episodes that you haven’t seen! Or maybe you’ve missed the last season of Breaking Bad! Turn to Netflix for companionship! Grab a bag of popcorn and forget about the horrible weather for a few hours.

1. Sleep


What best way to turn a blind eye to what’s happening outside, than simply getting in your comfy bed and sleeping through the bad weather? Come on, turn off your computer and have a nap, you know you want it!

Did you enjoy our list of what to do if you’re snowed in? Do you have something to add? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and tell us what you think!