In our last post we talked about how much we miss the summer, but now it’s time to come up some awesome New Year’s Eve party ideas, because it’s just around the corner and we need to be prepared. There is so much thought to be put into which party to go to, the outfit, the people who will be attending, that it can feel overwhelming at times. There are things we love and things we hate about New Year’s Eve parties and we’re here to take a look and see what those things are. If you’ve got anything to add, please feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

10. Love the Party Itself


It really is great to go out with your friends and have a great time and the New Year’s Eve party is supposed to be the party of the year. You’re thinking so much about it, planning ahead, building up your expectations, but when you’re right there and then, nothing else seems to matter, you’re having fun!

9. Hate the High Expectations


The worst thing about a New Year’s Eve party is that everybody has such damn high expectations! It’s only a party, not the party of the year and definitely not the party of the century. Don’t go in thinking your mind will be blown by the sheer awesomeness of the party – you’ll most probably be disappointed.

8. Love the Outfit the First Three Hours


You’re spending hours in front of the mirror before going out. You’ve thought about which outfit you’re going to wear for days, if not weeks. And of course, you’ve come up with something fancy and fashionable, but uncomfortable. The first couple of hours you’ll feel like a God/Goddess…

7. Hate the Outfit the Rest of the Evening


… but when the makeup starts fading and you’ve spilled some beer on your shirt, you’re beginning to hate having put so much effort into it. It’s two o’clock, nobody really cares what you’re wearing and you’re drinking and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Being sweaty in fancy clothes – not a good look.

6. Love Your Drunk Friends


Your friends are awesome, that’s why they’re your friends. We’ve all got those friends who, when drunk, are the soul of the party and will dance to anything, tell jokes and get up on a table and shout out filthy things from the top of their lungs. We love them, don’t we?

5. Hate Your Drunk Friends


Yes, we do. Expect those friends whom we don’t love. We’ve got them too, don’t we? They’re nice and all when they’re sober, but after a couple of beers they will transform into bitter monsters who will make it their goal to ruin the mood for everyone else. “But man, she was my everything, and now she’s gone!!! I hate all women, don’t you?!” No, not really, go home, now! “Why? Don’t you want to hear about some New Year’s Eve party ideas I have for next year?!”

4. Love the Pictures the Moment You’re Taking Them


Alcohol manages to trigger a gene in our system that will make each human being attracted to a camera. Well, not really, but then again, they haven’t searched for it enough, we’re sure it is there, somewhere. And of course, the moment you’re having your picture taken, you feel like a film star, all glamorous and cool, smiling with a drink in your hand and your arm carelessly placed on a friend’s shoulder. Right?

3. Hate the Pictures the Next Day


Wrong! You’re not glamorous and cool, you’re sweaty and drunk, you’re not smiling, you’re grimacing and of course your arm is not carelessly placed on a friend’s shoulder, you’re simply hanging on to them for dear life… so that you don’t fall. The next day you will see everything clearly and you’ll be sure to mouth a couple of WTFs while going over the photos.

2. Over Already?!


It’s 5 AM and you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t want it to be over. You had fun… you’re still having fun. You could go on and on and you can’t believe that it’s over already. That’s the great thing about New Year’s Eve parties, you invest time and effort and when they’re over, you can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed.

1. Vow to Yourself That Next Year You’ll Do It Differently


No matter how cool the party was, you vow to yourself that next year you’ll do something completely new and awesome. You start thinking about New Year’s Eve party ideas the moment the party is over, but of course, you’ll forget all about it and start panicking in December all over again.