10 Things Women Love and Men Should Know About

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Who said women are a such a complicated species that men spent the whole evolution process trying to understand them? And what makes them, still, such intricate beings? What do women want, wish for or desire? What do they love, cherish and protect? The eternal female mystery would not be so eternal if we’d take a closer look into women’s purses, bedrooms, garages and bathroom cupboards, just to take a little sneak peak on what women love and what makes them tick. There are plenty, granted, but today we will see just ten of those little things that make women happy.

1. The bathtub

Sounds silly? Is not. From ancient times and in almost all cultures, women love to take long baths, a symbol of beauty, relaxation, comfort and self-grooming. You will spot a woman who just loves this activity just by looking at her bathroom: moisturizers, shower gels, bath foam, candles, bath salt, body cream, all these products and accessories tell a little something about their owner.


2. The book

It doesn’t matter the genre or the style, a woman reading a book is one of the most beautiful things to see. You get to know a woman’s dreams, passions and inner spirit if you just start a conversation with her. Women love their books just as they love their clothes, and gettingĀ  a glimpse into a woman’s readings and tastes will definitely help to know her better.


3. The car

Women drivers? Pffff…. Yet, think again! Some women love cars and some of them drive like goddesses. You will be surprised how many women love their cars just as men do. Society tends to depict women more as an attractive car accessory than a person capable of driving it, but ask a woman if she loves her car and how much, and you will find out that she drives it more carefully, cleans is more often, treats it like a precious object.


4. The wrist watch

No matter it’s a family heritage, a gift from a friend or one of those small, cute and funny little things that women buy for themselves, the wrist watch is a highly appraised accessory for a woman, even if she actually checks the time on her phone. Since women started to wear large, male-type watches, their gained a different status, which makes them even more likeable.


5. Flowers

It’s a prejudice that all women like flowers, because they don’t, but those who do, will show different, special tastes. There is an incommensurable area of natural wonders you can offer a woman, but knowing exactly what she likes and get her to explain to you why she likes them will get you to know her better.


6. Massage

Women crave for it, whether it’s for their aching backs or just a way to find relaxation. There are some, though, who don’t like to be touched in this way, but women will always appreciate a gentle shoulder massage late at night, just to show them how much you care about them being stressed and overwhelmed with work at the office. The way to a woman’s heart doesn’t always have to go through a jewelry store, you know…


7. Purses

Yeah well, we had to mention them, as they are a big mystery not only to men, but to women too. Sometimes women’s purses can take the size of a whale or of a hummingbird. Women usually know what’s in there, while asking themselves in the same time why are those things in there. It’s a mystery indeed, but getting to take a short look into a woman’s purse might reveal you a lot of otherwise sealed information about her personality.


8. Perfume

We all like to smell a good perfume on a woman. Some of them stick to the same brand years to come, making it a personal mark and statement. Other think that if they should change their clothes every day, the same rule should apply for the perfume too. So understanding a woman by understanding her perfume is a card only heavy league players can master…


9. Underwear

Be it classy, old school or plain kinky, a woman’s choice and taste in underwear is something that is cultivated, nurtured and invested in. Get to see her in her black lace bikini or in her Queen Elizabeth’s lace white top is a thing many men dream of. Women cherish their underwear just as they cherish their clothes and it is never a matter of “boxers and T-shirt”, as in the case of some men.


10. Dancing

Not all women like to dance, but those who do… well… there is an unexplored territory you’d like to take a closer look into. See a woman dance, hold her close, there’s quite an intimacy producing right there on the spot. Women dance passionately, no matter what they choose for expressing themselves and you should pay attention to that if you want to get to know her better.



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