Sometimes, people tend to go overboard with shopping – the world we live in teaches us from the day we learn to walk that in order to show how successful we are, we need to buy things. Most of the times, people know when to stop, but there are those few occasions when you come home from shopping and you feel like slapping yourself senseless for buying crap. If you’re one of those persons, we’ve got some money management tips that will surely help you. In today’s article we are going to give you a few tips on how to save money on clothes. Most of us have too many clothes that simply take up space in our closet. The first thing you need to acknowledge on your way to recovery is that you don’t need as much clothes as you think you do. Let’s see those tips!

10. Raid Your Closet


Your closet is probably full of items you no longer wear. Up to 60% of all the clothes in there are no longer to your liking. What you should do as soon as possible is to get rid of everything you know you’re not going to wear anymore. It will take two or three hours, but you will feel amazing after it’s done. A clean and organized closet can lift up your spirits!

9. Establish Your Priorities


Let’s say you’re grocery shopping at the store and all of a sudden you see a gorgeous blouse that you simply must have. Your first instinct would be to go in and buy it, but you must resist! Set your priorities straight! Will you have any money left after you buy it? Can you afford it? Is it more important than having food on the table? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and buy it!

8. Go to Thrift Store Heaven


Thrift stores are the most underrates clothes stores in the world. Have you ever been in one? If not, then you really should, especially if you like hunting for special and unique items. A thrift store is always hiding your perfect item of clothing; you just need to search for it. Besides, it’s as cheap as dirt to shop there.

7. Avoid Using Credit Cards


If you use credit cards, then you’ll have a hard time grasping the concept of spent money. Unless you actually put your hand inside your wallet and take out cash, then how much you spend won’t really sink in until it’s too late. Always have cash on you when shopping for clothes.

6. Sell What You Don’t Wear


Remember our number 10 tip on how to save money on clothes? Well, now that you’ve got all those clothes you don’t wear anymore, it’s time you make some money off it – sell them! To your friends, colleagues or strangers – don’t be embarrassed, it’s perfectly OK and we’re certain that somewhere, someone will love to own that pair of jeans that you don’t like anymore.

5. Take Care of Your Clothes


Read the label! If you don’t then you’ll most likely damage the item or shorten its lifespan. Also, don’t let them in a pile on the floor, or leave them wet after being caught in the rain. If you take care of them, they’ll last you longer and they’ll look better.

4. Do I Really Need That? Rule


This rule is our favorite rule! When you’re out shopping and something has caught your eye, always ask yourself Do I really need that? Think about it for a few seconds. Do you have another skirt that looks just like that? Then don’t buy it. Sure, something can look great, but where are you going to wear it? Are you really going to wear it, or will it stay in your closet until the next closet raid?

3. Make a List


Before you leave home, make a list of things you need to buy, so that you won’t get distracted by other things. That’s nonsense, actually! Of course you’ll get distracted, but at least you’ll have something to help you stay focused.

2. Search for Sales


Sales are good and bad for you. They’re good because you have access to cheaper items and that’s great for your budget, but the bad thing about them is that you’re tempted to buy more items than you would if there wasn’t a sale.

1. Transform Your Clothes


Things you don’t like or fit you anymore can always be transformed into something else. We found this cute and inspiring video on how to transform old clothes into fun, new clothes; take a look and let yourself get inspired.

How do you save money on clothes? Did you find any of our tips useful? Are you planning on applying any of them? If you have other tips on how to save money on clothes, we’d like to hear them, so drop us a line in the comment section below!