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Writing articles is a great way to expose yourself, you and your business on the Internet. In fact, we dare to say that is the best marketing tool that you can use.

Webmasters and publishers of newspapers are always looking for good content. Furthermore, besides investing time, is free advertising.

Here are ten tips to make sure your articles are published and read by others.

1. Write to serve

Before writing an article ask yourself what problems would other solve with it. One of the most common problems that people face is the result of a failure, which can be time, money, confidence, or only joy in life. How will your article help people confront these problems? Offer information potential reader cannot find anywhere else. Remember that the Internet is a huge copy-paste data base, where people take from others and add a little bit more information. Think about what you would like to read, what would be helpful. Make sure you ask your friends and family about it. Nobody said writing is easy and it all starts with thorough research.

2. Attract their attention immediately

If possible, try to catch the reader from the very beginning. Ideally, the title is the one that captures attention. When creating the title, ask yourself if you would like to read the article. The first paragraph should also capture attention, and also should be a general introduction to the content item.

3. Write to one person

Forget that your article will be read by a lot of people and write as if you were addressing a single person. The reader will feel more connected to your article, as if you were talking directly to him and relating to his problems. Empathy will get you a long way.

4. Keep coherence

Do not jump from one idea to another. Each item has to follow logically the next. Although different ideas may be expressed in each paragraph, they should proceed one another.

5. Use quotes to support the main idea

Famous quotations are a great way to support your ideas. It helps you make yourself understood and add credibility to the message you are delivering. Use other types of resources, such as reference to studies or relevant articles. Just make sure you mention the source, because you don’t want any copywriting problems on your hand.

6. Paragraphs should be short

Ideally you should have four or six rows in each paragraph. Readers prefer short paragraphs, because they easily get bored. They want the information well structured, so don’t be afraid to use bullet points of numbering. The better the information is structured, the easier will be to follow.

7. Call to action

If your article is meant to solve a common problem, give people practical suggestions for doing something. Remember the formula: Knowledge + action = growth.

8. When possible, tie your article to everyday activities

A good example is “Life is a box of chocolates”. Enable a greater closeness between the reader and your ideas. In this way, it will be easier for your reader to apply the ideas in his life.

9. Summarize the article in last one or two paragraphs

Summarize the main points of your article, what can people learning from the information given and what results can be obtained. Encourage them to do the thinks stated in the article and focus on the benefits.

10. Do not forget the resource box

A frame with summary information on resources should follow the article. Here we should mention a few things about yourself, your business, how you can help customers and how you can be contacted. Make sure you include your URL and email address with an invitation to connect visit the site.

Using these ten tips should help you write powerful articles that are published and read by others. Above all, remember that a writer writes. So first, be a writer in your own mind.