Facebook just turned 10 years! Happy birthday to Facebook and may we share all of our private moments and information with you, dear Facebook, until you die out just like Myspace did. Interested in finding out some fun things you didn’t know about Facebook? Today we’re going to take a look at 10 types of Facebook profile pictures and see what they say about you.

10. The Black and White


Oh, you’re the artist, aren’t you? You’re sucking in your cheeks and thinking you’re all aces, don’t you?! Some photos work, while others are a complete and utter fail. What you need to do when you think about posting a black and white artistic photo of yourself is show it to a couple of your closest friends and ask for their opinion.

9. Cartoons


Remember that craze that got everyone replacing their Facebook profile pictures with their favorite cartoon character as a way of protesting against children’s abuse? That was something we always need to remember to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s pure nonsense! Anyway, there are a few people, a few chosen people, who still have a cartoon character as their profile picture. What does that say about them? We refrain from making any comments.

8. Party Monster


People who go out, party till they drop, take picture of the whole fiasco and then post them on their Facebook wall tagging everyone should be fined. Those who make an awful photo of them drunk as their profile picture should be fined twice. What is the purpose? Do you want tell everyone that your social life is soooo awesome? There are better ways to do this.

7. Too Much Skin

bikiniNo, we’re not jealous of you and your awesome bod! No, we don’t think that you should cover yourself up, it’s a free country, you can show as much skin as you want, but not on your Facebook profile picture. We’re not saying to get all Amish on our butts, but keep it decent, you never know who’s lurking around in your friend list.

6. Animals


A profile picture with you and your animal is OK, you got it, flaunt it! But a profile picture of only your animal is not OK. It tells all your Facebook friends that love your animal a little too much and you don’t really have a life. The matter is even worse if the animal from your profile picture is not even yours. I mean, try hard, much?!

5. Art


Facebook profile pictures of famous paintings or sculptures are lame. If you’re into art, then you can do a little digging and discover some artists that the world hasn’t really heard of and you can promote them by posting their art as your profile picture. That’s what people who are into art do. But if you have a painting of Dali’s as your profile picture, then you’re just lame.

PS: It’s OK if you’re in high-school and you’re doing that.

4. Your Back


A picture of you from behind facing a mountain is nice. You’ve been somewhere nice and you should let people know that. But if you’re doing it just so that you can show your ass, then you’re a narcissistic, self-absorbed person and you should change your profile picture to something where we can see your face.

3. Your Only Good Photo


Oh, you know those people! We all know them, those people who weren’t too genetically blessed and/or take bad pictures. It’s almost impossible for them to look alright in a photo, but there are rare cases when they do. When that happens, when they manage to take a good photo, they’ll plaster it all over the place… and who can blame them?!

2. New Born/Babies


You’ve got a baby! Congratulations, that’s lovely! You can post as many pictures and albums of your baby, it’s all fine, but do refrain from posting one as your profile picture. Facebook profile pictures should show your ugly mug there, so that people can recognize you. If you’re posting a picture of your offspring you’re confusing and annoying people. Besides, Facebook statuses such as: I got so plastered last night! are downright weird when you’ve got your kid’s face that seems to be saying that.

1. The Couple Photo


People who post a photo of themselves with their significant others as their Facebook profile picture are worse than ambulance chasers and mouth breathers. Those people are like eager puppies, who simply can’t wait to let the whole world know what a good thing they have. They also let the world know that they have no personality or a life outside the couple and that their entire world revolves around that person. Lovely, isn’t it?

What are your Facebook profile pictures? Are you guilty of any of these? Do you agree or disagree with us? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!