Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and unlike family, we get to choose them. They speak volumes about who we are – remember that saying: tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are? We have friends because man is a social animal – we simply must interact with others to keep our sanity intact – that’s why we tend to have various friends for various purposes: there’s the friend you only like to go out drinking with, or the friends you only like to play board games with. We’re going to take a look of ten types of friends that all of us have and maybe we’ll understand ourselves a bit more if we understand our friends.

10. The One You Don’t Like

bad friend

It can’t be just me, most people have a friend they just don’t like, don’t they? But they continue being friends with them for various reasons. Maybe you’ve known each other since the dawn of time and you’re going through the motions, maybe they’re annoying, but you need to be around them. No matter what the reasons you’re around them are, we’ve all got a friend we don’t really like and that’s quite alright.

9. The Complainer


Oh, this type of friend can be really annoying. They’re selfish and when you meet up with them, they seem to only talk about themselves! It’s their problems that matter, their live and their jobs. If you were to judge their lives only based on their complaints, you’d come up with the conclusion that they’re the most pitiful person that ever walked the earth. But they’re not, they’re simply exaggerating. Sometimes, the reasons you’re still up for listening to them are a mystery even to yourself.

8. The Blurry Boundaries One


They’re a great friend; they’re quite attractive. You like their significant other; you can’t stand their significant other, they’re not worthy of them. We’re talking about the friend you kind of have a crush on, but you can’t really admit that just yet; not even to yourself. You don’t want to lose their friendship, not because they’re a great friend, but because you won’t get to see them that often.

7. The Doer


The Doer is the type of friend you want to have around you. They’re the ones who will take you out of the house when you need it the most. They’re the ones who will sign you up for skydiving lessons, the one who always has something going on in their lives – they’re the fun ones! And who doesn’t need fun in their lives?

6. The Talker


If until now, you’re not quite sure that you’ve got these types of friends in your life, you most definitely have a talker! A friend who just won’t shut up about anything – their lives, their work, the show they like on TV. If you like to listen, that’s fine, but if you don’t, you might think of telling them to tone it down a little, if they can understand that.

5. The Overanalyzer


The Overanalyzer has a bit of the talker in them, but they tend to go into more serious subjects than them. An Overanalyzer will take even the smallest, most insignificant fact and analyze it to death. For example, let’s take a simple kiss: what did it mean? Will they do it again? Do they want to do it again? Does that person have an issue with kissing? Should they take advantage of them? Are they doing the right thing? All these questions and more will tire you out and make you want to leave them in the middle of the road.

4. The Hippy


They’re the friend that isn’t bothered by anything. Somebody stole your wallet and their reaction is: It’s too bad, but there’s nothing you can do about it, so relax! Sometimes they can really get on your nerves for being so calm and flower-power, but then you realize that you need them in your life.

3. The Workaholic


Of course you don’t get to see your workaholic friend, because they’re working too much! But when you do see them, they talk about their work and how they’re climbing up the ladder or what their colleagues have been up to. Some of it is quite interesting, but when you find yourself thinking about something else when they’re talking, you should simply tell them to take it easy with the work stuff.

2. The Party Animal


Without them, you’d probably be knitting socks and going to bed at 9pm! Alright, maybe not 9pm, but close enough. The Party Animal is the friend that always has something up their sleeve. There’s always a party you NEED to go to, a club that you must visit or a bar that is essential for you to brink at least one beer at.

1. The Best Friend


The Best Friend Forever is the type of friend with whom you share almost all your thoughts. They know what you’re thinking from a simple look, they know almost everything there is to know about you and they’d go to prison for you. Hold on to them, you don’t run into people like that too often.

What did you think of these types of friends? Do your friends fit any category? Do you have anything to add? If you do, then drop us a line in the comment section below.