10 Types of Headaches You Should Know About

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Headaches are a serious problem and people are usually concerned about them, especially if the pain is recurrent or persistent. There are lots of headache causes and types and while some of them are passenger and can be treated easily, others ask for deep medical investigations. So you identify a cluster headache, usually localized behind one of your eyes, or you suffer from migraines, then you should seek for specialized care. Here are see some other types of headaches, just so we know next time what we confront with and what to do.

1. Alcohol induced pain

Alcohol produces blood vessel dilatation leading to serious serotonin levels drops. We all had one of these, at least once in our lifetime and they are indeed a terrible discomfort.


2. Dehydration headache

If you feel thirsty, or not so thirsty, actually, but you have that dense, numbing headache, as a deaf sound surrounding your head, you need to probably drink water, because dehydration is commonly associated with headaches.


3. Sinus problems

It is a pain commonly localized in your forehead, above your eyebrows,  including the upper part of your nose or even temples or cheek bones. This is commonly known as sinusitis and the headache derives from the inflammation of the sinuses. It may be also caused by an allergy, so get the right differential diagnosis first.


4. Premenstrual pain

It’s not a secret women experience from mild headaches to excruciating ones, all the range of pain possible during their PMS. It’s a hormonal imbalance and it usually goes away in a given time frame.


5. Hunger

Just as thirst, hunger is a common, yet underrated cause for headaches. It is a general discomfort usually caused by the level drops of sugar in your organism.


6. Sleep headaches

It’s a real pain to go to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night with a headache that appears to be coming from no apparent reason. These are commonly associated with insomnia, sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. It may also indicate a lack of oxygen in the room so be careful and be sure you breathe clean air during your sleep.


7. Neck and head pain

People nowadays are used to back pains, and neck discomfort or often headaches, caused by the improper, long-term position stiff in front of the computer or in the car seat.  But if your headache comes together with neck stiffness, be careful, as it may hide a more serious problem: miningitis


8. Smoking

This activity is so bad for one’s health, it has countless of side effects. One of them are also headaches, as smoking is a vessel constrictor, not letting the blood flow naturally.


9. Cold food

Some of us are used to the almost immediate reaction of experiencing a tremendous headache just right after eating a full spoon of ice cream. But this is not happening only with ice cream, but also cold foods, as they show a blood flow disorder to the brain.


10. Morning headache

Low blood pressure individuals are used to this condition of waking up and feeling their heads will implode. Also, the ones with high arterial blood pressure, the ones suffering from sleep disorders or even hormonal imbalances may experience this type of pain.





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