Originating somewhere between the 1980s and early 1990s the Steampunk genre encapsulates various elements such as science-fiction, horror, fantasy, and alternate history. While one side of Steampunk is rooted into a setting where steam power is used – bringing into memory Britain’s Victorian era, the other focuses on fashion, design and art – all of which are influenced by the artistic taste of Steampunk literature, specifically the 19th century’s scientific romances belonging to Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Mary Shelley. I personally noticed that Steampunk clothing and accessories are coming back strong, probably as an after-effect of the vintage trend which. more or less, lost some of its flame. In a nutshell, Steampunk offers an innovative view based on the Victorian perspective on fashion, architectural style, art, and culture. As such, here’s our list of 10 UK Steampunk clothing ideas.

Note: These items are mostly found on UK-based online shopping websites.

10. Spin Doctor Black Ogata Skirt



The Spin Doctor Ogata skirt is made of cotton material that perfectly fits the hips while fastening with a zip on the side. Decorations of a military style black straps and brass studs are found on the front and sides of the skirt. On the back you’ll find three tier bustle effect ruffles with black net under layers.

9. Spin Doctor Polaris Dress



Another product from Spin Doctor that enters our list of UK Steampunk clothing ideas is this stunning Polaris dress made from lightweight polyester that features a black velvet flocked pattern. The highlight of this design are the tiny spiders, roses, and sugar skulls, all giving the dress a true Gothic Steampunk look.

8. Dominator Gothic Leather Coat



This one is a classic Gothic coat that’s completely made of the highest quality black leather. The front is zipped from the waist up, allowing the jacket to open as you walk. Furthermore, the collar secures with a fashionable buckle strap. Six more buckle straps are found on the front and back of the leather coat. Model is not included.

7. Raven Gothic Lolita Laceup Jacket



Our next addition is a superb Raven Lolita Jacket that features a front zip with satin ribbon lace-up details. The jacket combines stretch cotton with lycra and lace overlay for a perfect fit, while the sleeves with long cuffs completes the design. If you’re looking for an hourglass shape, this probably an excellent choice.

6. Dorina Steampunk Jacket



The Evil Dorina Steampunk Jacket is yet another beautifully crafted piece of clothing, that if you’re looking for something to perfectly fit your body and to define your forms. The corset style back fits around your waist or can be let loose if you’re in the mood for a rather relaxed evening. What really gives this jacket the true Gothic look are the peplum arms and hem along with the slightly gathered shoulders.

5. Chronus Mens Steampunk Trousers



Number five in our list of UK Steampunk clothing ideas are the adjustable men’s trousers with a Steampunk touch. They feature brass buttons on the lower leg so you can adjust the size, and three other buttons fastening around the waist.

4. Chronus Mens Steampunk Waistcoat



To fit with the Chronus Trousers we’ve found this superb Steampunk Waistcoat with a double-breasted design. The superbly crafted clothing item features brass colored buttons, breast pockets, and two adjustable D-ring straps placed on the back.

3. Iris Steampunk Top with Leather Straps



We continue with this bold black cotton blouse with a stylish design that incorporates ruffed edges, brass popper, along with PVC leather straps and details. And it gets better – the low-cut neckline and open back with crossing straps gives the blouse a truly superb effect.

2. Hell Bunny Nihilist Top



One word to describe this black laced top is fabulous! The Hell Bunny Nihilist Top has a superb design that combines soft to the touch laced collar and sleeves for a genuine dark look. It’s made of soft-stretching material for a perfect fit with your forms. The back of the top has a corset-like panel with adjustable black ribbon laces.

1. Van Helsing Gothic Coat



Our number one choice is this 3/4 long men’s Gothic jacket made of soft black high quality leather inspired from the horror movie Van Helsing. The front is fastened by metal press studs and five cross straps for a cool Goth effect, while the back is split and fastened with four press studs that can be opened. Lastly, the inside of the Van Helsing leather coat is lined with smooth black satin; you’ll also find an inside pocket to store your vampire-killing kit.

So, girls and boys, which of these are your preferred Victorian inspired clothes?