It doesn’t matter if you like it or hate it, what is certain is the fact that The Lord of the Rings is in the top of the best movies ever made. Apart from being extremely successful, money wise and highly loved by fans, this movie has received a lot of appreciation from the critics as well.

Leaving the story of the film aside, which is fantastic, what makes it to have such a strong impact on the audience are the characters. We have to admit that the director did a great job in picking his characters and bringing them to life.

When picking your favourite characters from a movie, it is always a relative thing, as people have different opinions and feel each character in a distinct manner. However, we have made a list of 10 of the most memorable characters from The Lord of the Rings in the following order:

# 10


Bilbo Baggins, is the man from where everything started and he is one of the essential characters of the Lord Of the Rings, as without his adventure, the look for the ring and Frodo’s journey wouldn’t have started.

Apart from this, the character is very well played by Ian Holm, as he puts on screen a character that is charismatic but at the same time very unfriendly when he is no longer in contact with the ring. The presence of Bilbo is a very important factor in the movie.

# 9


Théoden is the king of Rohan, and is under the control of Saruman, but nobody knows it. At the beginning this character has created a lot of controversy and people didn’t like him at all, and it was only after Gandalf broke the spell that Saruman had upon him, that you are able to see his true nature.

The reason why he is considered an amazing character is the fact that, even though he was unable to have control on what he was doing while being under the spell of Saruman, he still feels he should fix what he did, which shows his true character. The fact that he is super good at handling his sword helps his image a lot.

 # 8


Saruman comes second in commanding the evil forces and he is the perfect example to portray how misleading for the mind can be the thirst for power. Saruman, has a very important role in The Lord of the Rings, and not just because he is the main puppet of Sauron, but he also represents the darker version of Gandalf, making him the perfect opponent for Gandalf.

The relationship between them, some sort of love/hate, creates a great amount of tension for viewers, whenever they have a conversation as they represent the angel and the devil, choosing between the right thing to do or letting the misleading evil forces control you.

# 7


Frodo Baggins, there is no doubt he is one of the main characters of the Lord of the Rings.Frodo is the nephew of Bilbo, who has put the ring in a safe place and is sent by Gandalf to destroy it. However, this character hasn’t shown much development,besides the fact that he accompanied Mordor to get his job done.

By the third part of the movie, Frodo can somehow be called a less likeable character, but that is mainly because he was under the influence of the evil ring and in the end he is the character that everybody is supporting for carrying the burden of the ring upon himself.

# 6


Gimli is one of the most liked characters of the Lord of the Rings. He is a dwarf warrior who has been selected to be a member of the Fellowship.Even though, he is not a highly necessary character in the movie, Gimli brings in that “je ne sais quoi”, that simply makes him adorable.

Either we think about his funny chitchats with the other members of the Fellowship, or his manner of counting how many Orcs he has killed. There’s no doubt that Gimli has been the character that has brought the largest amount of laughters to this movie.




Gollum was at the beginning a hobbit, called Smeagol. Gollum is the first character trough which is shown what the evil powers of the ring can do to someone, by turning him into a mad and emotionally unstable creature.

Undoubtedly he is represented amazingly by Andy Serkis. The constant struggle trough which Gollum is constantly going, battling himself and the part of him that wants the ring, has put the audience feeling sorry for him, as it was obvious there were good things inside him but the ring was too powerful to control, and when thinking about this, we could find some justification for his awful deeds.

# 4


Boromir is a noble person with plenty of passion and is the son of the last king of Stewart of Gondor. The fighting skills and strength he possesses have no match. What is interesting, is that this character, (although there is nothing you can say wrong about him, especially when it comes to his fighting skills), when he comes close to the ring, he looses his cool and is one step away from killing Frodo to get in possession of the ring.

In this scene, the viewers can actually understand how great the power of the ring is, which just makes Frodo’s mission even more difficult to accomplish.

# 3


Gandalf used to be a member of the wizard order, Istari, who will later become lead by him. He is the wisest and most knowledge full out of all the characters in the movie and this turns him into a father figure for both, the characters in the movie and for the viewers.

Gandalf is by far one of the calmest characters of this movie, he is very easygoing when he needs to be, but don’t underestimate him, as he doesn’t have a problem in fighting anybody who represents a threat. He is that person who everybody comes to for help and is portrayed as one of the most powerful characters in the film.

# 2

Astin LOTR

Samwise Gamgee is probably among the most unappreciated characters from the Lord of the Ring. He is the one who accompanies Frodo in his mission to wipe out the ring, but at the same time he is the voice of reason as well, to counterbalance Gollum’s unreliable means of manipulation along their expedition.

He has proved to be an important presence in all three movies, but he really stands out in The Return of the King, when, the loyalty he has for his friend, makes him brave enough to save Frodo from a tower. It may be that, what happened in this scene, has made Sam to conquer our hearts with the touching words he told Frodo after saving him, as he told him he couldn’t carry the burden for him, but he could carry him.

Something else that make this character amazing, is the fact that is being played by Sean Astin, who makes Sam a humble and down to Earth person, that is very likeable. Even if he had to deal with the constant mental switches of Frodo, from good to evil, he continued to stay by his aside and go on with the mission, keeping positivity in his heart.

# 1


Aragorn was initially a ranger, but in reality he was the man who had the right to get on the throne of Arnor and Gondor.Many of us should agree that Aragon is the toughest character of the movie. Throughout the movie, we can easily realize that this man has the qualities of a king, starting with his superior fighting abilities, to his desire of helping Frodo to accomplish his mission at any cost and by the way he talks during all the movies.

A memorable sequel with Aragon, is during the fight with Orcs, from The Return of the King, when he turned to his men and said that they have to fight for Frodo.That just showed his potential of being an amazing leader.

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