Easter is coming soon, and many are already looking for unique Easter gifts for their beloved ones. There are basically two ways of finding the perfect Easter gift: look for an online solution or go from shop to shop (the latter requiring more time and effort). Whichever you prefer, Easter is expected by hundreds of millions of people, being known as one of the most important Christian holidays – the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. We compiled a list of 10 unique Easter gifts with hopes that it will help you save some time. Enjoy.

10. The Ultimate Easter Gift Basket



For kids and family the Ultimate Easter Gift Basket will be the perfect gift sitting in the cozy environment provided by your home. The centerpiece consists in a 16 inch Shags Hare plush Rabbit, a lovely toy for your kids to play with, that’s also surrounded by sweet treats – a chocolate bunny with solid milk, bunny and chick marshmallow PEEPS, gourmet jelly beans, cotton candy, M&Ms, Peanut Butter cups accompanied by Twizzlers, Skittles Tootsie Pops, Blow Pops, Nerds, and a Pecan Roll. The imagination of your children will be put to the test by colored markers, scribble paper, a Catch Ball game, and more. The price of this basket is of $99,99.

9. Chocolate Bunny T-shirt For Men And Women



For people who enjoy a funny yet practical t-shirt, we recommend this “I feel hollow inside” t-shirt that’s available for both men and women (it comes with a wide range of colors) for $26.35. Who said Easter can’t be fun? It’s a great gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, especially if they have a thing for practical jokes. The bunny’s empty chocolate cover is waiting for you to fill it with joy and positive thoughts.

8. Thomas And Friends Easter Edition Egg Car Train Set



We all enjoyed cartoons as we were kids, and now it iss our kids’ turn to enjoy the wonders of “neverland”. Thomas and Friends is the perfect gift for those toddlers who enjoy the fabulous and unexpected adventures of the tank engine. The gift is only $18.69 and features two cars – with Thomas leading and in the back a handful of eggs.

7. Bunny Shaped Ice Lolly Makers



The hot weather outside is soon to start taking its toll on you and your family. Whether you’re in holiday or celebrating Easter at home, these bunny shaped ice lolly makers will be ready to cool you off at only¬† $8 per set.

6. IceCool Drink Chiller



For about $53.95 you can buy this slick looking bottle chiller. It is compatible with all 100ml bottles, including Champagne, Wine, Soft Drinks, and so on.

5. Jedi Dressing Gown Bathrobes



For all science-fiction movie fans out there this Star Wars Jedi bathrobe will be indeed a unique gift. It has an embroidered Jedi logo, and an over-sized hood for authenticity. The price of this comfortable and cool looking bathrobe is $89.95.

4. Easter Bunny Personalized Watch



This personalized watch is yet another item you can add to your unique Easter gifts wishlist. It was created by a team of Artists and Graphic Designers using hand-crafted miniatures. The wrist watch is a Seiko with a diameter of 1.5″, the band is Italian leather, and includes a gift box and one year warranty. You can purchase it for $49.95.

3. Easter Decorated Chocolate Dipped Oreos



A romantic dinner with red wine cannot be completed without a box of the most exquisite chocolate. Chocolate dipped Oreos especially designed for Easter is a sure thing to impress your partner; the Belgian Chocolates (Dark, Milk or White) decorated with amazing hand crafted Royal Icing Easter Designs are available for only $19.95.

2. Easter Egg Box With Eggs Rochard (Limoges Box)



For generous gentlemen this box of Rochard eggs will surely melt any woman’s heart within a heartbeat. Rochard has been crafting hand painted porcelain Limoges boxes from Limoges – France since 1973. The exclusive design, vivid paint, superior workmanship, and certificate of authenticity are just few of the features that come with this valuable and unique gift. You can acquire it for $294.

1. Anti-Fog Shower & Shave Mirror With Radio



Whether you’re a man or woman this Anti-Fog Shower & Shave Mirror (with radio) is a great acquisition. Its multifunctional design includes a razor holder, it’s easy to attach to any surface, has a splash-proof AM/FM radio and LCD digital clock that you can schedule, and is only $53.95.