It’s that time of the year when bright rays of light are bathing you with their warmth, and sun glasses, besides their obvious purpose (that of protecting your eyes from the sunlight), are also an important fashion accessory. However, they also function as a visual aid. In the early 20th century sun glasses were known as sun cheaters – where “cheaters” is the American slang term for glasses. A lot of people (including myself) find direct sunlight too bright during outdoor activities. In addition, healthcare professionals also encourage people to protect their eyes  from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light every time the sun rises, since they could cause many serious eye problems. As such, we’ve compiled a list of unique sunglasses for you to wear this summer.

10. Beaded Sunglasses



Inspired by elements of Native American arts and culture, Mosley Tribes sunglasses are patterned after Native American hand-woven blankets, both temples on the black Lyndel are individually hand laid using brightly colored ceramic beads.

9. Clot & Mosley Tribes Sunglasses



Clot & Mosley teamed up to release this pair of cool looking sunglasses designed in a black color with crystal laminate details. CLOT adds some typical Asian street vibe with an exposed metal eye wire and grey flash mirror tinted lenses.

8. Hello Kitty



If you’re a fan of the fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, then this pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses are just too perfect for your out of the ordinary look. However, it is recommended to protect the glasses with a hard case.

7. Totoro Deco Sunglasses



Dido’s Shoppe specializes in unique deco accessories. No product is ever replicated, so you know that your accessory is indeed one of a kind. The same case applies with these Totoro Deco Sunglasses, a pair of shades that will most definitely put glamor where it’s needed.

6. Horned Rimmed Cateye



As we go on with our list of ten unique sunglasses, we present the Horned Rimmed Cateye sun cheaters with Jagged multi-layered black, white, red and black pattern metal details at the temples frames. They will not only protect your eyes from the sunlight, but also give you a lot of swag.

5. Brown Coffee Sunglasses



Do you like coffee and want everyone see it? Well, if that’s the case, this pair of women’s sunglasses featuring brown coffee mugs is the item you’re looking for. While some prefer their coffee black or with sugar, others may choose to adopt a healthier and fashionable approach.

4. Rhinestone Sunglasses



Here’s another unique pair of sunglasses – the Lady Gaga themed rhinestone deco sunglasses. This superb pair of shades is not just classy, it’s absolutely fabulous, giving flair a whole different meaning. The stones will reflect the bright rays of the sun, giving you the edge you’re looking for.

3. Single Frame Sunglasses



Pushing the limits of eye wear design, Martin Margiela designed these innovative and interesting sun glasses with an aviator look. They feature the aviator anatomy, but the obvious difference from other shades is highlighted by the one piece lens. A small top bar adds another sleek detail, turning them into unique sunglasses.

2. Sammy-Style



We continue with yet another piece of shades made by Liquid Eyewear. They are made of unbreakable aluminum, which makes them virtually indestructible. Sammy Hagar fell in love with them. As a matter of fact, he had special ordered this model in these unique colors for himself (he’s also known as The Red Rocker).

1. Immortal Video Eye Gear Sunglasses



As you can see, this is no ordinary pair of sunglasses. Just as their name implies, a 3-megapixel camera has been integrated with them, allowing you to capture videos with a resolution of 736 x 480. There’s also a built-in 4GB flash memory that can store about 3 hours of video. Moreover, after fully charged, the built-in 500mAh battery can offer 2 hours of running time. Get detailed description or purchase one directly from Immortal World.

Let us know which of these ten is your favorite.