Some of you might think that strange coincidences are the hand of destiny. Some believe them to be a divine sign, while others considers them  merely unusual happenings that simply make our lives more interesting. Whatever the case, the mysterious coincidences below will astonish them, as they did with so many people before you. What is even more surprising is that the list of strange coincidences does not stop at these 10. Actually, there are enough strange concurrences in our history to convince any skeptic.

1.  Baby saved twice by the same man

1. baby at window

It all happened about 80 years ago, in Detroit. Joseph Figlock was walking on a street, when suddenly, a baby fell right in his arms, from a window high above his head. Luckily, and to the great joy of the mother, the baby was unharmed.  A year later, the same baby fell from the same window on the same man and survived again. What an amazing coincidence and what a careless mother!

2.  Identical twins with identical destinies


This is one of the strangest coincidences ever, and after reading the story, you will certainly agree to that. Two identical twins were separated at birth and adopted by two different families, but their destinies were linked to each other: they were both named James and they proved the same talents in childhood.  What’s more, they married women named “Linda” and each of them had a son, named James Alan and James Allan. Their second wives (they divorced the first ones) were named Betty, and the name of their dogs was Toy.

3.  Titan and Titanic

3. Titanic

In 1898, a writer named Morgan Robertson published a novel called “Futility”. The novel tells the story of a huge British passenger ship called “Titan” and thought to be unsinkable. Thus, the ship was carrying insufficient lifeboats. Want more? In the story, the Titan hit an iceberg and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. Same happened to the Titanic, some 14 years later.  There is more to the story, though.  Only months after the Titanic tragedy, a steamer found itself in the same location, in a similarly foggy night. The watch boy was stroke by the thought of Titanic’s destiny and sounded the alarm, even though nothing looked suspicious. He was right to do so though, as a massive iceberg emerged from the shadows soon after and the steamer would have certainly hit it, if it weren’t for the boy’s superstitious fear. The greatest coincidence of all? The name of this second ship was Titanian. Robertson tried to work his magic on other novels, but he never again succeeded, at least not to this extraordinary extent.

4.  The story of Edgar Allen Poe comes to life

4. cannibalism

The book “The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym” was written in the 19th century. It is the story of the 4 people who found themselves on a boat in the middle of the ocean, after their ship had sunk. Starving to death, three of them decided to kill and eat the cabin boy, named Richard Parker. Not long after the writer had published his horror novel, the story, unfortunately, came to life, augmenting the number of strange coincidences in history. Thus, in 1884, four people survived the sinking of “Mignonette”.  Not only that the exact succession of events took place, but also, the boy’s name was “Richard Parker”.

5. Mark Twain and Halley’s Comet

halley comet

Halley’s Comet is well known and worldwide regarded as a “must see”, “once in a lifetime” experience. This is because it only appears on the sky once in 76 years. Strangely enough, Mark Twain experienced it twice. As beautifully as only a writer could put it, Mark Twain wrote: “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.”. He died indeed the next day after seeing Halley’s Comet crossing the sky, in 1910.

6.  The coincidence of the hotel room discoveries


Irv Kupcinet(photo), a reporter, found in a closet some things that, according to the name written on them, belonged to his friend, Harry Hannin. Several days later, Kupcinet received a letter from Hannin, telling him that, while in a hotel, in Paris, he had found a tie bearing Kupcinet’s name on it.

7.  Three men on a train…


In the 1920’s, three men happened to be in a train together. They were the only passengers, so they started a conversation. One of those weird coincidences in life, their names had a strange link: One was called Bingham, the other was called Powell and the third, Bingham-Powell.

8. Emile Deschamps and the plum pudding coincidence

In one of the most interesting coincidences of all, the writer Emile Deschamps was strangely related both to plum pudding and a man called Fontgibu his entire life. The writer was offered plum Pudding in childhood, by Fontgibu. Ten years later, while in a restaurant, Deschamps ordered plum pudding, but the waiter announced him that it was already ordered by another customer, who -what a coincidence- turned out to be Mister Fontgibu. But this is not all. Years after this second strange happening, Emile Deschamps was invited to dinner by a female friend. She announced him that they had plum pudding as a dessert. Soon after, Mister Fontgibu entered the room- the man, senile by now, had mistakenly entered the wrong apartment!

9.  The coincidence of the diamond ring

9. diamond ring

Young Peter Richardson decided to buy his fiancé an engagement ring. Thus, he entered a jewelry shop and found Agnes, his soon-to-be-wife examining a diamond ring. He enthusiastically bought the ring and discovered that she was meant to have it. The initials “A23P”, as in Agnes-23 (the settled date of their wedding ceremony) –Peter, were on the ring.

10. The Two Brysons


In the 1950s, a man named Mr. Bryson registered for a hotel room, in Kentucky.  After receiving the room number 307, the mail girl told him that he had a letter. What a surprise! He got the letter and he found out that it was for another Mister George D. Bryson-his exact name- who had stayed in the same hotel room, before him.  Do you now believe in strange coincidences?


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