10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Afraid your partner is secretly a Tiger Woods or Jesse James? Time to stop worrying and actually find out the truth! Here are 10 ways to catch your (potentially) cheating spouse. While some of these tips are downright creepy in their level of privacy invasion, they are helpful to use if you must absolutely know the truth.

1. Be an adult and actually confront them about it.

Seriously, you’re a grown adult. You can easily avoid tips 2-9 by simply talking. If you think your spouse is cheating on you, manning up about the issue and having an adult conversation about it is the best option. Spying, hiding, and lurking in the shadows may be fun in videogames. In real life, communicating to your spouse is a much better and more mature option.

10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

2. Install a key logger.

Seeing secret emails and Facebook messages that your partner might be sending out can lead to hard evidence of their infidelity. Keyloggers.com keeps track of all the latest key logging software, and there are many, many options. Most cost around $50. Once installed on a computer, almost every activity can be discreetly monitored. You’ll be able to quickly see their passwords, browsing histories, and more.

10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

3. Track their text messages.

If you feel that your partner relies more heavily on their phone to arrange their cheating arrangements, you’re still in luck. There are apps available that you can discretely install on their phone when they’re not looking. One such app is called Cheating Spouse? How to Catch. After discreetly installing it on your partner’s phone, you’ll have access to any text they send or receive. This is also a great app to keep track of your children’s cell phone usage!

10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

4. Know the obvious warning signs.

Has your partner suddenly started getting in better shape, paying attention to grooming, buying nicer clothes, suddenly having a bunch of overtime at work, and/or having a lower sex drive?

If your partner suddenly starts doing some or all of the above lifestyle changes, you may have reason to be a little worried. It’s possible that they are truly just trying to turn their life around and better themselves. It’s also possible that you’ll win the lottery. The possibility that they are suddenly doing these activities to impress another love interest is an even bigger possibility.

10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

5. Use reverse phone look-up.

Does your partner have anonymous phone numbers on their phone that you don’t recognize? Are they ignoring certain numbers that call them when in your presence? Thanks to the internet, finding out who that number belongs to is just a few clicks away. You can find out exactly who the person calling your partner is. It may turn out that the person mysteriously calling your partner that your partner doesn’t talk to you about is simply a bill collector. Catch your cheating spouse by finding out exactly who is calling them!

Real Phone Look up
6. Attach a GPS tracker to car.

This is starting to get into true spy level territory. For around $200 you can get a 3 inch GPS location device that can be discretely attached to the bottom of a vehicle. One of the more popular models is the Spark Nano Real-Time GPS Tracking Device. This GPS allows you be able to easily track their movements from the web. You’ll get quick answers to your suspicions. Is your partner really at a late night board meeting and, if so, why is at a Super 8 motel?

Top 10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse 7. Setup a hidden camera.

Advances in technology have been highly beneficial to the cheat-catching industry. The range of options for hidden cameras is scarily high. Smoke detectors, alarm clocks, pens, glasses, and even plug outlets can have built-in spy cameras. We’re not talking grainy footage either. High-definition quality footage will have you easily pinpointing your partner and their secret lover.

Top 10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse
8. Plan to be away for work/fun and come back much earlier than expected.

Make it very explicit to your partner that you plan to be gone from them for a long, specific amount of time. Better yet, tell them a week or two in advanced and keep reminding them about it. This gives them plenty of time to plan a rendezvous with their secret lover. When the date finally arrives, come surprise your partner by getting back much earlier than expected. There’s a good chance your suspicions may or not be confirmed.

10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

9. Look for common cheating apps on their phone.

Cheat-catchers may have the advantage of hidden cameras but, unfortunately, advances in technology have also been good for the cheating-market as well. Many phone apps have been released in recent years to make cheating easier than ever. If your partner has Slydial, CATE, TigerText, Vaulty Stocks, BlackBook, or MobileVault installed on their phone, you should be a little worried. These apps specialize in hiding texts, scandalous pictures, phone numbers, and more in sneaky and clever ways. If your partner has a reason to use this app, it most likely isn’t for hiding a surprise birthday party for you.

Top 10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse
10. Hire a private investigator.

If you’ve gone through tips 1-9, found nothing, but still have suspicions of cheating, you are most likely wrong and a bit paranoid. There is always the case that your spouse is really good at covering their tracks. Hiring a private investigator to follow your spouse around will truly get to the bottom of the issue.

10 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse