Ways To Cure A Hangover

Sometimes the inevitable happens and you wind up with a hangover of proportions on your hands. Because every action has a reaction and because many of us believe in karma, these two come together to shape up the development path of alcohol consumption. Actually being drunk really isn’t all that dire. It’s quite the opposite, actually. You get numbed down for a while, you manage to elude your problems, and you get to have fun. But, boy, does the morning after make you question it all. Nothing good ever comes without some repercussions, right? But, well, if you’re reading this article with a throbbing headache, theories are the last thing you want to hear. You want ways to cure a hangover!

Ways To Cure A Hangover

Last night had been a tad too wild, the liquor kept pouring, and now your head won’t stop pounding. Forget everything, your number one goal now is to find ways to cure a hangover. And we’ve got 10 of them.

#1 Water

This sounds like the kind of disinterested response your local school nurse would say, but it’s actually true. Alcohol is known for draining hydration out of our bodies, so the first logical way to combat it is by chugging down as many glasses of water both before and after the shots start flowing. Just don’t go overboard because there actually is such thing as drinking too much water.

#2 Bacon

If you listen closely, you can distinguish all bacon lovers worldwide scream hooray as they knock open their liquor cabinet. As a result of a British study (go figure), it was concluded that the grease found in bacon can actually help with the insufferable aches and overall miserable aura of hangovers. And also because it’s bacon.

#3 Prairie Oyster

Anyone who isn’t an American is probably simultaneously quirking an eyebrow right now. The so-called prairie oyster is a blend that involves raw egg yolks, some Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, vinegar, salt, and pepper. You chug it down in one go and you get your fill of protein to combat the headache.

Peaceful Sleeping

#4 Sleep

Sleep your problems away, that’s the way to go about everything. Unless you have the misfortune of having to be somewhere right after a night of shots and shakes, you should really seize the opportunity and snooze it all away. It’s one of the most natural ways to cure a hangover, for all the obvious reasons.

#5 Pickled Foods

We can’t go without mentioning some of the most notorious traditional ways to cure a hangover. All over the world, the methods tend to vary, but we certainly do notice that pickled foods generally tend to be a constant presence. Eat a pickled sandwich, munch on a plain pickle, or prepare a special recipe. Go wild.

#6 Seafood

Seafood is like thin ice, in the sense that it’s certainly delicious but can be really harmful if “applied” wrongly. Luckily, eating clams or other types of seafood in salt-rich broth can provide the much-needed supplement of minerals and hydration that you need to carry through the day.

#7 Hair of the Dog

You can put your dog down, this technique doesn’t involve any actual dogs. But did you know you can combat alcohol excess with… more alcohol? All doctors everywhere will probably yell at you in fifty languages how bad of an idea this is. And it is. But having a Bloody Mary temporarily soothes the symptoms of a hangover. We only recommend it if you don’t have access to any of the other methods.


#8 Pills

There are people and people. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to only have to deal with headaches and nausea or other non-paining symptoms seem to completely run right past you. In this case, you can easily solve your problems by simply popping a headache-easing pill. Hangover or not, it’s still a headache, after all.

#9 Wallow in Your Own Misery

Just like superheroes can pull themselves out of sticky situations through the sheer power of will alone, there are ways to cure a hangover that don’t even require taking anything. Sometimes all it takes is to allow yourself to be grouchy, to complain, and to stare blankly at a wall as you regret all your choices. The power of letting it all out does more wonders than you think.

#10 Be Responsible

But the strangest of all ways to cure a hangover is prevention. Shockingly enough, we can all avoid getting in this situation to begin with, so perhaps we should start working more on our abstinence.

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