busy worker multitasking

One of the major sources of our fulfillment as individuals is productive work. In addition, productivity increases our self-esteem and thus contributes to our happiness.

If you really want something and you want to organize your time and manage your daily activities, in order to reach your goals, it is essential to increase your productivity.

So, here are ten ways to do just that.

1. Understand why you want to be productive

Often we rush to get something without even asking ourselves if we need it or not. Without knowing why you want to change something, it will be hard to know what and how to do that.

If you have a dose of motivation to make the change, then at every step your will find a reason to go back. So, take a sheet of paper and a pen and write why you want to be productive and that will it help you with.

2. Analyze what you are doing now

Before making the change, it is important to make an objective analysis of what you are doing at the moment. Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems, or maybe it’s worse than you thought.

Our recommendation is to analyze three days in a row how you spend your day. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and write everything you do throughout the day.

3. Eliminate and simplify

Find activities that take your time and think how you can simplify. For example, to not waste time in the store, make a shopping list and ask the store employees where you can find what you are looking for.

4. Discover the genius in you

Probably the most important step! Before we deal with planning, it is important to understand that what you’re going to do is important to you or not. In other words, this corresponds to vocation and mission.

Each of us is a genius and has a role on this earth. If you analyze the most successful people in the world, you will notice that they devote most of their time to activities they are passionate about.

This is the real power of productivity. Do what you love and put the rest on the second place.

5. Plan

Here it is time to talk about planning. There are several ways to plan the day, each has its pluses and minuses. A good idea is to plan your activities in 6 main ones+ 2 secondary ones.

Three of the six activities are related to your business and the other there are related to health, relationships and development (personal and / or professional)

The two secondary activities you do after the main ones or combine them with the main ones. One of these activities could be related to my tasks that are postponed and one deals with relaxation.

In this way you create a perfect balance between work and personal life.

6. Set deadlines

Setting deadlines is a great way to increase productivity. You will know exactly what tasks need priority and what can wait for the next couple of days. Always stick to deadlines.

7. Use technology

You must not always rely on your memory, so in this case technology can be really useful. Use smart apps that will help you remember certain important aspects.

8. Create new habits

The first habit is to plan each day (except weekends). The second habit is to follow the plan and the scheduled tasks.

At this point it is important to create a habit. Then you will be able to improve it.

Other habits would be to have a morning and evening ritual, some sort of activity you can do every day. Such as tem minutes of exercise or drinking a cup of tea before going to bed.

There are two things you should know about habits: “install” after 90 days and you have to create new habits not all at once because it will mean a sudden change that will cause discomfort.

9. Work but do not forget about resting

One weekend day should be dedicated to recreation, ie not plan anything and do whatever comes into your head, even sit all day on Facebook. But the best thing is to spend time with family, friends, going out, travelling etc.

During weekday, finish work at 6 – 7 pm and relax. The last part of the day is intended for entertainment and preparing for sleep.

10. Focus on the future

Do not beat yourself up for something that went wrong yesterday. Think about how you can improve that tomorrow.