10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner

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A wise man once said that breaking up is hard to do. However, what he didn’t say is that stalking your ex-partner is easy. Thanks to the internet and some old fashioned detective techniques you can keep tabs on your ex and probably know more about what they are doing now than you did when you were together.

1. Create a Fake Social Media Profile

So, they blocked you from Facebook and Twitter, huh? Did they really think that they were going to shake you off so easily? No sir, you are in this for the long haul. A fake profile on social media sites will let you be-friend their friends and then make your way round to “meeting” them again. You could pretend to be someone from your old school who isn’t on Facebook but it would be weird if they turned up at some point later on.  It’s probably safer to play the interesting stranger card.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Fake Facebook Profile

2. Find Their Number

If you don’t have their current phone number then you can find it easily enough. You might never phone them but it will make you feel better knowing that you could if you wanted to.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Phone Number

3. Google Them

It is amazing the information you can find out on Google if you are persistent and creative enough. If a simple name search doesn’t bring you any joy then you could try different variations of their name or try adding in the name of their school, workplace of city. This is a great way to keep tabs on your ex partner.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Google

4. Check Linked In

If they have a work history then they might be on Linked In. You are more likely to find work history and a serious photo on here, rather than wacky snaps and gossip. Still, it is nice to know that you are keeping up to date with what they are up to.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and LinkedIn
5. Hack Their Email or Social Media Accounts

We are getting into psycho territory here, aren’t we? If you get to this point then it might be time to step back and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Are your eyes a bit crazed and is there foam coming from your mouth?

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Social Media Hack

6. Casually Drop By Their Place of Work

This point works best if your previous investigations have revealed the fact that they now work somewhere different from when you know them. Since there is no way you could possibly know that they work there you could see what kind of job they have with an innocent look on your face.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Spying

7. Befriend an Unsuspecting Work Colleague

This one is a bit time consuming but it could be worth it. If you now know where they work and they don’t know that you know (because you were too scared to do point 6) then you can befriend one of their work colleagues. Once you have established a good relationship with them you can start to casually all about the people they work with.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Befriending Unsuspecting Work Colleague

8. Check out Their Favourite Places

If they have a favourite restaurant or bar then you might find a way of seeing them there without being spotted. At this point a waiter you can befriend and a table tucked away in the corner could come in very handy. If you are still in full psycho mode then you will find some interesting spying tools on sale online.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Checking out Favorite Place

9. Stalk Their Current Partner in the Same Way

Keeping tabs on their new partner can work out equally effective as keeping tabs on your ex partner, if kind of hard to stomach. You can use the same techniques we have already covered for them too.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Online Stalking

10. Talk to Them

Maybe after doing all of that you will decide that it is easiest just to call them and see if you can be friends after all.

10 Ways to Keep Tabs On an Ex-Partner and Talking

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