Get those slumber party invitations ready! Any kind of quality time spend with your girlfriends is time well spent – it’s insanely fun, you forget about all the worries in your life and you get to make nice memories that you can share with your grandchildren when you have them (or if they’re too racy, abstain from doing so). It’s good to have a night out on the town with your girls, but that can be tiring and will drain all the energy you have stored up for the weekend. Instead we propose you do a girls’ night in at least once a month – just to keep things in check. So girls, get your jammies and your rom-coms ready, take out the wine and fine cheese, break out the slumber party invitations and get ready to giggle the night away. Here are ten ways to help you host your own girls’ night in.

10. The Weekend It Is!


It’s obvious that the best day for a slumber party is Friday. Why is that? Because you can sleep in late and have all of Saturday to get ready to spend a girls’ night out! That is if you still have the energy for it.

9. Have Some Rules


Rules may not be fun, but they’re quite important for a night in. For example, it’s two o’clock and someone comes up with the brilliant idea of going out to a club. While the club is a nice idea in general, it really doesn’t translate all that well after a night of drinking and giggling in your pajamas. So you could make a rule for that. It’s a girls’ night in after all, isn’t it?

8. Let the Games Begin


Charades or a nice drinking game can do wonders for a slumber party. Even board games are appropriate and fun – anything that will get the laughing started. Just don’t spend too much time playing games – you won’t know when the Sandman hits and then it’s over.

7. Document the Evening


It’s only natural that you document the evening properly. Get a camera and start shooting away – you want to have something to show on Facebook, don’t you? But be a good friend and don’t post any embarrassing pictures of your friends.

6. Sleeping Arrangements


Make sure you have enough sleeping room for your friends. Take out the inflatable mattress and blankets – you’ll want your guesting feeling as comfortable as possible. The next day they have to be fresh for a night out on the town.

5. Slumber Party Invitations


There are so many cute slumber party invitations out there that it is hard to choose something appropriate. Don’t worry about that, it’s a slumber party, not a wedding, just choose some slumber party invitations that are fun and cute. Send them via mail or text them – try to sneak in some secret message and have your friends decipher it. It’s much more fun!

4. Let There Be Booze


You can’t have a sleepover party without any booze! Fancy cocktails or some good wine will get everyone in the mood for talking and sharing secrets. A successful girls’ night in depends on it – just don’t go overboard, you’re not in a club!

3. Rom-Coms to the Death


Can you really get tired of watching Dirty Dancing or Sleepless in New York? We think not. Get some popcorn and some tissues and get ready to weep as Baby gets her groove on. It’s lame, we know, but it sure does the trick!

2. The Evening Attire


You could have a themed slumber party – make it classy and ask everyone to bring their best jammies – silk will do the trick. But if you want to just feel comfortable, go for cotton. Just remember that if pictures are going to be taken, you’ll want to look your best.

1. Definite No-No’s


You should make sure that during the course of the night nobody does anything they would regret the next day. For example, all phones should be placed as far away as possible from their owners, as to avoid any drunk texting that might occur after a serious amount of alcohol has been ingested.