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In today’s economy, people are always looking to spend as little as possible on clothes, food or personal care products. A while back we gave you a few tips on how to save money on food and today we thought of writing about ways to save money on makeup. Before we start we would just like to mention that keeping a product past its expiration date is not helping you save money, but putting you in danger. Do not keep mascaras more than 5 months after they’ve been opened and check the expiration date of all your makeup regularly to avoid developing skin eczemas or infections.

10. Fix Your Broken Makeupken makeup

Even expensive makeup is encased in plastic and plastic breaks. If you have an eye shadow kit or compact powder that you dropped and it broke or became loose, don’t throw it away. What you should do is put the remains of the product into a small jar with a lid. Remember, you didn’t pay for the casing, you paid for the product!

9. Shop at Duty-Free Shopsduty free

If you’re lucky to travel internationally, then you know how amazing duty-free shops can be. They have the best deals on makeup and beauty products, ever! Some products are 25% cheaper than the ones found at a retail shop. If you don’t get to see many airports, then find someone who does and ask them to buy you whatever it is you want and hope they say yes!

8. Stick to Makeup Essentialsmakeup essentials

If you want to save money on makeup, then the first thing you should do is to stick with makeup essentials. You don’t need five lipsticks, two will do (one for day and one for night and special occasions). One mascara, one blush, one foundation, a highlighter, one concealer and maybe two or three eye shadow kits and you’re good to go.

7. Use Drugstore Brandsdrugstore brands

Drugstore brands aren’t so awful as some people make them out to be. Some brands, such as Revlon, Neutrogena or Maybelline are really great and you can do some amazing stuff with their makeup. For example, Revlon lipsticks are so good, that they rival the Chanel ones. Also, how much of a difference can it be between a drugstore powder and a high-end one? Not too big, and you can save up to $20!

6. Use DIY Makeup Alternativescoconut oil

Making your own makeup can be pretty hard if you haven’t done it before, but there are some ways you can replace certain makeup and beauty products. For example, a really good shampoo replacement is baking soda with apple cider vinegar. Or, if you want a really good lip moisturizer, coconut oil will do the trick. What, did you think we would tell you to make your own mascara?

5. Use Up What You Haveuse up lipstick

So many of us give up on our makeup before it’s done. We either get bored of it, we don’t like it anymore or we want something else, but if you want to save money on makeup, then you should use what you already have, before going out and buying something new. Think of new makeup looks that will refresh some of your old products.

4. Buy Good Makeup Brushessigma brush set

We know that this is not really a tip that will help you save money on makeup, but take it from all the makeup experts in the world: good makeup brushes will make even the worst makeup products in the world, look agreeable. $1 eye shadow will look high end if applied with a good makeup brush. Besides, they’ll last you a lifetime!

3. Less is Moreless is more alexa chung

Another great way to save money on makeup is to use less of it. You can create a day look with very little makeup and you’ll look natural and fresh. If you have good skin, skip the foundation, use a bit of blush for some color in your cheeks, a bit of eye shadow or eye liner, mascara and maybe some nude lipstick and you will look effortlessly awesome.

2. Collect Samplesmakeup samples

We know the feeling when you don’t have money to buy a certain product and you go to the person at the counter to ask them for a sample. You think they can tell you can’t afford it, but you need to tell yourself that it doesn’t matter. A small sample won’t bankrupt the company and you get to enjoy a couple of application of a good and free makeup product.

1. Repurpose!blush

This is our number one tip on how to save money on makeup! Lipstick can make for a great blush, just make sure you got the right color and that you blend it in really well. Instead of buying eyebrow shadow, use some brown or black eyes shadow on your brows! Or get a concealer that is also a highlighter.

Are you trying to save money on makeup? Did you find any of our tips useful? Do you have more tips and tricks for us? If you do, share in the comment section below, we love hearing from our readers!