Selling products online isn’t easy because it can be hard to compete with other sellers, offer the right prices, and turn enough of a profit. Plus, marketing can be challenging, as can be finding your audience. The 10 tips below, though, can help making selling online easier.

1. Take High Quality Photos

Rather than using your cheap digital camera or, worse yet, your smartphone camera, hire a professional photographer, like Fashot, who will know exactly how to bring out the best details and features of your products, no matter what category they fall into. Remember, the better your customers can see your products online, the more likely they’ll be to purchase.

2. Write Unique Descriptions

Not a creative writer? Then hire someone who can write original descriptions for each of your products. You shouldn’t be merely copying and pasting the manufacturer’s description.

3. Ask for Reviews

After customers make a purchase, email them to request that they leave reviews of the products on your site. Give them an incentive to do so by offering a special discount or entry into a contest. Positive reviews can inspire future purchases.

4. Add Videos of Your Products

Sometimes photos aren’t enough, no matter how great they are. So add videos for some or all of your products in order to show them in action. This is a great way to show the items’ greatest features and explain how they can be used.

5. Promote on Social Media Websites

While you should certainly add SEO throughout your website, you should also focus on promoting your site and connecting with customers via social media. Focus on those social media sites where your customers spend the most time. This will prevent you from spreading yourself too thin.

6. Create a Fast, Responsive Website

If you want people to stay on your site to browse and purchase products, make sure it loads fast. And make sure it’s able to display properly on mobile devices too.

7. Keep Track of Searches on Your Site

If you have a search box on your website, make sure you keep track of what people are searching for. In this way, you can see what products are in demand and whether or not you carry them.

8. Give a Money-Back Guarantee

To give customers the assurance that you stand behind your products, offer them a money-back guarantee if they aren’t satisfied.

9. Include Your Contact Information for Customer Service

Offer great customer service. Make sure your contact information is visible on your website, including your email address, mailing address, and phone number. It’s also great to have a chat feature for excellent customer service.

10. Split Test Your Product Pages

Create two pages with varying features and split test them to see which one is more effective at driving sales.

With these 10 tips in mind, you’ll be able to enhance your online store and showcase your products in the best light. This is the best way to entice more people to make purchases so you can increase profits and continue selling online.